Race Report: Front Runners New York LGBT Pride Run 4M

DATE: June 25, 2022; 8:30 am (my birthday)


PLACE: Manhattan (Central Park), NY


OFFICIAL TIME / PACE: Who cares? / who cares


SWAG: Tank top, rainbow bagels, rainbow popsicles

Quick stats:

Courtesy of NYRR


Who’s got PRIDE? We’ve got pride. I guess this really is not an actual report, but more of a brief summary.

Another year, another Pride Run 4 mi (it used to be 5 mi) – a race sponsored by NYRR and Front Runners NY (FRNY, one my running groups). For me, this was going to be a simple race just to get back into the flow of things before starting my NYC Marathon training program on Monday.

The course was a pretty straightforward horseshoe route starting in the East mid-60s of Central Park, crossing the 102nd St. Transverse, and finishing in the West mid-60s of the Park.

Overall, I went into the race without any real goals or major accomplishments to achieve since this was my first race since April. My mental state for this race was to run/jog/walk for the sake of having fun. I will say that it did feel nice to kinda-sorta race. In fact, I woke up extra early (y’all know that’s rare for me on race days) so I could walk and jog to the start. For the actual race, I cycled between running and walking 0.5 mi.

A couple of things that make you go hmmmmm:

When technology fails

Has this happened to anyone with an Apple watch? For Saturday’s race, I decided to do a very easy jog from a local park in my neighborhood to the race’s start (about 4 miles). I started my watch at W120 street, but it did not start registering my mileage until E 96th Street. The distance between these two points is about 1.5 miles. I hope that might watch is not on the fritz; I wonder if it means it’s time to upgrade to a new Apple Watch. Perhaps, that could be a birthday gift to me.

My LGBT+ running group

As part of the FRNY Pride Run tradition, we take a team photo after the race (below).

In addition to the large group photo, the club takes pictures of the smaller subgroups within the club (eg the various subcommittees, gay Asians, gay Latinos, women, non-binary, etc.). So someone asked me if I was going to do the Black gays photo. To which, I was like which Blacks? Is it just going to be me in the photo? I later learned that there were about 8 Black members in the Black team member photo. Before you ask why I was not in that photo, I did not near the president announce our photo because I was on the phone with a couple of folks who were wishing me a happy birthday. Eh next time . . . I guess.

A little post-race fun:

While waiting for the husband to meet me at a local spot for brunch, I treated myself to a refreshing screwmosa (vodka + mimosa).

In terms of birthday celebrations, it was pretty chill . . . just like I wanted it to be. After brunch, we went to a wine bar, watched Jurassic World: Dominion, went to a friend’s wedding reception in Brooklyn Park, then had dinner. Oh, we went home and continued my Jaws marathon. Random trivia: Every year around my birthday, I watch Jaws and its sequels. Oh (part II), I was a bit disappointed with Jurassic World, and I hope this is the last one. Also, in this day in age, no action movie needs to be longer than two hours.

Pride Run Playlist:

Question(s) of the Day:

-How did your weekend runs/races go?

-How did your weekend go?

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  1. Happy belated birthday! I’m going to see Jurassic World with my mom on Fri. Jason hates dinosaurs but I finally convinced him to watch the original a few months ago because 1- he really likes Jeff Goldblum and 2-everyone has to see it to appreciate the cinematic value and how good that movie still looks even years later with all the technology we have. I still get chills at those kids being stalked in the kitchen!


    • The orginial was the best one in my opinion, and I still watch it a few times each year. Back in high school Biology, we had to write a book report (on the book, not the movie). I remember really getting into the book even though I was not a huge fan of science fiction. I guess it was a different kind of science fiction for me.

      Let me know what you think of Jurrasic World.


    • I kind of understand what they were doing with taking separate pictures to celebrate the ‘diversity’ of the group. Also, separate photos were taken for various gender identities. However, it’s a little disheartening to compare several racial/ethnic groups with a significant number of members compared to your group with very few members.

      Oh LOL with mixed heritages I guess you would be be in multiple photos. I think that’s there were 8 instead of 2 folks in for the Black members’ photo. A few of Latinos with African heritage (sometimes called BLatinos) joined the Black members photo.


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