Starting from Scratch + A Life Update

Ok, so running has been a little ho hum for the past few days weeks. While I have not been running super hard, I have been doing very easy daily jogs and walks. I think that I’m at about 4-5 miles a day. However, I will admit most of these workouts have been “speed” walking. One of my 2022 goals was to run 2022km, but I think that I can still meet this goal if I run/jog/speed walk ~4 miles a day.

I think that I’m going to use this off time for the next couple of weeks to get my mind right before starting my training plan for NYC Marathon 2022. Right now, I think that I will officially start training for NYC Marathon on July 1, which will give me about four months to get ready for NYCM. Because I’m a nut and really want to hit the ground running (pun intended), I plan to run two races during my birthday weekend.

We have the LGBT Pride Run (4M; June 25, my birthday) and Achilles Hope & Possibility (4M; June 26). I think running a couple of races will get me back into racing and training mode. However, there is another reason for running these two races over the course of one weekend. As some may know, an easy way to run NYC Marathon is to run nine New York Road Runners (NYRR) sponsored races and volunteer for one race. I really need to start doing as many of these 9 races as possible because . . .

Life Update

Kwablo (Kwame + Pablo; my and my husband’s names) is leaving the Big Apple. Yup, you read this correctly, we’re leaving NYC in about a month. Because of some family commitments, I think that life would be easier in Hampton Roads, VA (my hometown). While I have been in NYC physically, I really have been mentally and emotionally in VA for the past few months. Regarding NYRR’s 9+1 program for NYC Marathon 2023, I need to fit in as many races as I can before we leave in the middle of July. I wonder if I can run a race on the same day that will pack the moving truck? With these two races, I’ll have five out of nine races completed. Also, NYC M will count as one of the nine races so that will be six. Since I hope to be in NYC during marathon weekend, I could register for Abbot Dash to the Finish Line 5K, which is held the day before the marathon, which will bring me to seven out of the nine races. Now, I need to figure out how/when I will fit in the other two races. Perhaps, NYRR has some 9+1 virtual races . . . although I’m not a huge fan of paying for virtual races. Also, I guess we can come up to NYC for a runcation long weekend sometime between August and November and/or between November and December. After this year, I guess I will start running for charity if I plan on running future NYC Marathons.

Although it might be easier to deal with my family situation in VA, I will be honest and say that I’m going to miss the f*ck out of New York. Yes, I know that I have complained about NYC . . . A LOT over the past few months. Hey, it’s the city that we love to hate. This move will be tough because I’ve spent more time living in New York City than I have in my hometown. I pretty much left Va Beach in July 1998 for college and have not returned since except for the holidays. Come to think of it, this July 2nd will be my 20th anniversary in NYC. I hope that I’m ready for the drastic change of life (ie the fast pace of NYC to the slower pace of the Hampton Roads area in VA).

Questions of the Day:

-Any tips for planning a move across multiple states? I will be honest and admit that I’m a bit nervous about driving a UHaul truck from NY to VA because the last time I drove one was back in 2010. That voyage (Chelsea to Roosevelt Island, both in NYC) was about 45 – 60 minutes of driving. The plan is to pack the truck on Saturday and drive down first thing on Sunday morning (like leaving NYC around 4/5 am)

-How did you manage to integrate into a new city? I did mention that I grew up in the Hampton Roads area, but I have not lived there for about 24 years. Yes, I said my 20th NYC anniversary is in July, but I lived in New Orleans during my undergraduate years. While my family is in the Hampton Roads area, I know it’s really difficult to make new friends after the age of 30. Also, the LGBT+ community in Hampton Roads is not as vibrant as it is in NYC.

-What running or fitness goals have you set for yourself this summer?

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  1. Wow! That’s big news! I moved twice to different states, first for graduate school then from there to NC, and that was 1997, so a long time ago obviously. We do have a lot of people from other areas here, though, and the biggest thing to get to know people is find and join a running club (or multiple ones to see which one(s) you like best). Volunteering is sometimes a good way to meet people but that’s harder unless it’s something you do every week. Finally, check Meet Up to see what groups are on there.

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      • It’s all good. Until you brought it up, I did not really think about Meetup in terms of Virginia. I did find a couple of LGBT+ and running group in the area. Unfortunately, the LGBT+ groups have been pretty inactive since the pandemic started. 😦 Which is kind of interesting because VA (at least the southern part) was one of those states that did not care a whole lot about wearing masks. Speaking of wearing things. I did find a co-ed clothing-optional life group, but I think that I will pass on that one. 😉

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  2. That’s interesting news and I wish you all the best with it. I have to say I was very happy moving from London to slower-paced Birmingham. The ways I made friends here were a) BookCrossing – a hobby I already did and I set up meetups here, b) running club – there’s bound to be one, and c) Neighbours, living somewhere more friendly! So it can be done (I was 33 when we moved here).

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    • Quick question: What’s bookcrossing?

      For the most part, Virginia pretty friendly. However, since folks do not really leave the area after high school or college, social circles are pretty well-established. I still communicate with folks from high school, but most have kids/teenagers. I am a little worried for the husband because there is not a huge community of folks from Spain like in NYC. Also, he does not know anyone in the area except for my family and a few of my high school friends. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I do not want him to feel like my friends have to be his friends. That said, he is up to the challenge and thinks that I’m worrying too much. I’m definitely the worrier in our marriage.

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      • Oh, Bookcrossing is when you log into a website (, register a book you want to pass along, get a unique reference number for it, write the number and website in the book then leave it somewhere for people to find (this can include on a designated bookshelf). There are meetups for the hobby all over the world where people meet and swap books. I met some Icelandic friends in Reykjavik by looking up who was an active BookCrosser there, for example. My husband’s friends up here are pretty well my friends but he did meet some people pursuing birdwatching on his own.


  3. I’m so excited for you!!! Really I’m being greedy because by living in Hampton Roads, I actually have a very real possibility of running with you one day! (I don’t mean that creepily)

    I’ll reach out to the 4 people I know to see if they have any recommended run groups.

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    • Thanks for the excitment. I think my nerves will settle once we make it to Va. Beach. I knew you were (or was) in the Armed Forces, but I didn’t know you were living in Hampton Roads. 😉 Perhaps, we’ll see each other in a local race or at one of the many festivals.

      Thanks for potentially putting me in touch with folks in the running community.


  4. Good luck with the move! I would be nervous driving a moving truck in NYC but I’d be nervous about driving anything in NYC. I can’t help out much with friend advice as when I moved to Scranton (still in Pennsylvania but 3 hours from York) the only friends I made were at work. I only hung out with 2 outside of work though and it was only once in awhile as they didn’t live overly close. When things reversed and Jason moved from Scranton to York (my dad drove the Uhaul) the only friends he’s made are coworkers as well and we don’t really hang out with them. He’s also incredibly introverted so it’s hard for him to be comfortable with people in general. He’s slowly gotten more comfortable with people that he’s met through York Road Runners Club.

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    • Your response provided a great recommendation. I’m going to check out if there are any local running clubs in the area. This will be interesting because I’m not super social in my two running clubs. Since I am moving to a “new” place, I guess this will give me the motivation to actively participate in a potential club.

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  5. Wow just catching up on this post! That’s a big move. Some thoughts, I moved back to my home town after 15 or so years away. Yes some of my high school friends still are here and we reconnected. Made some new friends thru clubs (a moms club and running club). Having moved from AZ – TX- CA and then CA to NH driving cars and uhauls. Some tips, plan the route and stops along the way. Is it a 1 day drive or stop and stay overnight if needed. Pack stuff you need on “day 1” in one box that’s on top. (Silverware, coffee pot, bed n bath stuff?) For when u get there. Very exciting!

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    • Tee hee. A lot has happend over the last month. Wow a CA to NH move!

      In a car, the trip is about 7-8 hours. However, I’ve never driven that distance in a Uhaul, which is making me a bit nervous. I’m thinking of two options.
      Option 1: Bite the bullet and do the drive in one day.
      Option 2: Break it up into two days. Day 1: NYC -> somewhere in Delaware (probably Dover). Day 2: Delaware to Hampton Roads, Va. I’ve already reserved a hotel room with free cancelation. We’ll have the truck from Saturday to Tuesday morning so we can play around with the trip. However, I would like to be in Va by Sunday afternoon at the latest so we can do a quick Ikea run to pick up a few large items (eg kitchen table, home office desk, and meatballs).

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      • IKEA meatballs are a must. Sounds like you have your priorities straight! I would tend toward drive there in one day, especially if u start early and can share the driving. 😀


      • Unfortunately, the husband does not have a driver’s license so I will have to do all of the driving. Well, technically he has a driver’s license from Spain, but it is expired. Since I hired movers to load the truck on Saturday, I do not think I will be too tired to do the full drive. If the movers arrive on time (10 am) and load the truck efficiently, I think we can be on the road by 12/1 pm.

        The other option that I was considering. Load the truck on Saturday, park it somewhere overnight, and do the entire trip by leaving 1st thing (5-6am) on Sunday.

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