Random Thoughts Thursday

-I always forget about Manhattanhenge until I see pictures of it pop up in my social medial feeds. Manhattanhenge (a play on Stonehenge) is a yearly event when the rising or setting sun is aligned with the east/west streets of Manhattan. Random trivia: I did not know this event was named by Neil de Grasse Tyson (another reason to love this dude) in the late 90s.

Although I missed the most recent event, I will have another chance to see it in July. I’d better put it on my calendar.

-It was definitely time to get a new pair of running shoes. This seemed like a reasonable idea for Global Running Day.

-Every time I visit the NYRR RUNCENTER featuring the New Balance Run Hub (seriously, that’s the full name of the place), I get so upset that I sat out NYC Marathon 2019 because of the Big Apple shaped medal (the one in the middle). The run hub has all the NYC Marathon medals in a huge display case.

-Um, y’all are doing too damn much with ice cream. I don’t know . . . just give me a simple scoop of vanilla, mint chocolate chip, or cookies and cream. Back when I was a kid I HATED mint chocolate chip ice cream, but now, it’s one of my favorite flavors.

-I’m really loving Bodybody on Demand’s Core De Force (an MMA cardio program) with Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews. While I’m usually drenched in sweat after each workout, the way the workouts are set up, a 45-minute workout feels like only 15-minutes.

-One of these days, I’m gonna see where this trail in Central Park goes. Sometimes, I wish that I would have more of an exploratory mindset while running. But, I’m one of those people who needs to know exactly what he is doing during a run. Also, exploring random trails is one way to “get got”. Don’t most horror movies begin with folks asking dumb questions like let’s see where this path takes us? 😉

-The other day I was listening to Yodel it (a song from Eurovision 2017), and I never realized how much the song relates to my current life. The song and lyrics from the last verse:

-Yup. For the month of June, businesses will be like gay, Gay, GAY, then on July 1st most businesses will be like I don’t know y’all.

-I get that this restaurant wants to support the war efforts in Ukraine, but this shot seems very nasty. Also, what do they mean by “all proceeds”? Does this mean the 10 bucks or the profit?

Not my cup shot of tea. 😉

-Speaking of Ukraine: Interesting, does this place primarily specializes in Ukrainian dishes, then other E. European dishes? 1. I wonder if the owners are Ukrainian. 2. I wonder if they added the Ukrainian part after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. That said, the Beef Bun Belyash looks like something that I would be down for.

Question(s) for the Day?

-What random thoughts do you have?

-Did you get in any miles (or kilometers) for Global Running Day?

-How do you feel about crazy versions/fusions of ice cream flavors (or other foods)?

-What song(s) reflect your mood at the moment?

-Are you going on any fun excursions over the summer?

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  1. I spent a LOT of time during Covid in the North Woods and honestly I still get lost. But as long as you go in the daytime, it’s mostly birders and dog walkers (though as we know from the Amy Cooper sitch…yikes). I always end up popping out onto 102nd and being like ‘how did I get here’.

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    • Now, I do not feel so bad about exploring some of the N. Wood paths.

      Speaking of the Amy Cooper BS, Christian Cooper is getting his own bird watching show (or special) on Neo Geo. I still think it’s so weird that false accuser and the victim have the same last name.

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  2. I got in some miles for Global Running Day with a Fleet Feet group run in the evening even though it was so hot and sticky. That ice cream you mentioned sounds nasty. I’ll try some different foods but not when they just sound gross or like someone’s just trying to make stuff up to see if others will try it.


    • “someone’s just trying to make stuff up to see if others will try it.” is the perfect way to describe it this “phenomenon”. Since there are already SO MANY varieties of ice cream, why do folks need to dabble in devilled egg and honey fried chicken flavors?

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  3. I did not run on Global Running Day – as usual, somehow, even though I run four days a week usually so statistically that must be impossible.

    My random thought today: why did I just spend a chunk of my time watching the Trooping the Colour Platinum Jubilee Special in tears when I am by no means a monarchist?? OK, the old WW2 planes always get me, and the massed bands, but really???

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    • Eh. I think running 4 days/week gives you credit for Global Running Day.

      I woke up around 5am (I left the TV on last night) to the sound of fanfare and was like what the hell is going on. Turns out the station was showing the Jubilee Special. While some folks do not believe in monarchies, I think they enjoy watching the pageantry associated with them. For instance, the local news station preempting its early, early morning news to show the special. This is kind of interesting, because the US does even have monarchy. I mean, it was one of the reasons why the colonists wanted to start a new country.

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      • Oh, that’s so funny, woken by a fanfare!! The pageantry is a bit mad when you watch it properly, I have to say. I do like the horses, so wanted to watch for the mounted bands. And even though I’m far from a monarchist, I do respect the Queen and her lifetime of service. You also watch in case a soldier faints and ruins the lines, right??!


  4. I’m totally with you on ice cream: just a scoop of vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, thank you.

    Am I the only one at5tacted to NDT?

    After my surgery, I plan to use on line work out resources to motivate and focus me.

    What random thoughts do I have? All my thoughts are random, but I’m thinking a lot about my stay in the hospital next week and all the daily blood draws and vitals I will have to tolerate in the wee hours of the morning and whether I will have a respectful roommate or awful one.

    Did I get in any miles (or kilometers) for Global Running Day? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    How do I feel about crazy versions/fusions of ice cream flavors (or other foods)? I’m not opposed to trying some, but I really like simper flavors, as I noted above. Pistachio is my one exception.

    What song(s) reflect your mood at the moment? “This is Me” by Keala Settle from the Greatest Showman

    Are you going on any fun excursions over the summer? Well, there’s a 5-7 day stay in the hospital (woohoo!) but after my 6 week recovery window, we hope to get back to some of our favorite spots: Ogunquit, ME; Rehoboth Beach; and, of course, NYC!

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    • Here’s to a speedy recovery. Also, be sure to take plenty of time to recover.

      I do not mind culinary fusions too much. It kind of gets to me when folks make wacky flavors/fusions just for sh*ts and giggles.

      I’ve heard so many good things about Rehoboth. Maybe one day, I’ll make a trip. While the hospital and recovery time do not sound like a lot of fun, at least you have some fun trips to look forward to.


  5. 5k on Global Running Day! Considering it was 95,000°, I think I did well.

    No park trail exploration for me either. Hell no. That’s exactly how you end up on the nightly news next to the headline “local idiot abducted, her shoes haven’t been located…”

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  6. How many miles did you put on those shoes?!?!

    I’m not sure how I feel about pride month or really any other month that “celebrates diversity”. We need to be changing our education system to recognize all types of people so that it’s a norm and not a once in awhile type of thing.

    I ran in global running day but didn’t realize it was that until Garmin connect awarded me a badge for it.

    Heading to Vermont tomorrow – staying at the same hotel outside Burlington (though paying much more per night compared to last summer) but planning to explore more of the state!

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    • -LOL. I do not know the number of miles, but I bought those shoes a few weeks before NYC’s marathon (Nov.). I think that I need to have alternative pairs of shoes because I typically wear running shoes all the time. That said, I did put an alert on Strava to notify me once I hit 300 miles.

      -On one hand, I get why we have various months to celebrate our country’s diversity. However, I feel like more need to be done besides plastering the Pride flag everywhere from June 1 to June 30, then crickets for the rest of the year.

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