Am I Back?

I have to say that the last few weeks have been absolute hell. During this time, I pretty much have been dealing with an intense sinus infection that has sapped all of my life force. For this infection, I couldn’t win. While wearing my contact lenses, my eyeballs felt like they were supporting 50 lbs dumbbells. While wearing my eyeglasses as a substitute, it felt like I was balancing an elephant on my nose.

Since I felt better on Friday, I decided to follow through with my volunteer shift for the RBC Brooklyn Half Marathon Preparty.

I like volunteering at NYRR events because seeing folks’ excitement about an upcoming race always gives me some inspiration to return to my running journey. Well, maybe not the A-holes, who were “trying” to go off on me about having to wear masks inside of the pavilion. All of New York Road Runners’ (NYRR) email notifications indicated that masks had to be worn inside of the pavilion. If you do not want to wear a mask to pick up your bib, then don’t run the damn race or have someone else pick up your bib. It’s pretty simple. Of course on Sunday morning, I was like why does my throat feel like I’m trying to swallow a tennis ball. Then I remembered my volunteer shift. Pretty much for 3.5 hours, I was shouting the following phases:

  • Bib pick-up is straight down this way.
  • Please have your race QR code, photo ID, and proof of COVID vaccination ready.
  • Be aware that there are shorter lines further down.

Random thought: I love what the city has done with Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the views are amazing.

At least, I’ve completed the +1 of my 9+1 program for guaranteed entry into NYC Marathon 2023. Also, it was a pleasant surprise to learn that volunteers would receive a non-complimentary entry to next year’s RBC Brooklyn Half Marathon.

LOL. I randomly received this package from GNC. I guess GNC is telling me that I need to get my ass in gear . . . and I kind of agree.

I had to LOL again because the package contained these supplement samples AND a $100 voucher for Naked Wines. It’s like here be healthy, but also drink a ton of wine. Note, I will NOT use the wine voucher. Why not, Kwame? Ummmm, many of the wines from Naked Wine made my pee burn. I will NOT MAKE that pandemic mistake again. I think the husband used a few of the bottles for cooking.

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