Getting back into the swing of things

Now that we have entered May, I really need to get my butt and life together. It’s really time to get things into gear especially since I’m falling behind my goal of running 2022 km in 2022. #noexcuses.

I did catch up a little bit during the month of March, but I’m still about 100km from where I need to be in order to meet 2022km by Dec. 31. Speaking of 2022 goals, I’m still working on my goal of running a half marathon or full marathon each month in 2022. I signed up for Trimara Sports’ The Less Popular Brooklyn Half Marathon, which will be held this weekend.

It looks like a pretty simple course consisting of two loops in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn. Folks who have run NYC Marathon might know this spot because it’s the section of Brooklyn that comes immediately after running across the Verrazano Bridge. I pretty much selected this half marathon because it’s the only one in (or near) NYC that is held on a Saturday. Similar to last week’s half marathon I ran a couple of weeks ago (Race Report here: ***), I have no real plan and more than likely will do some combo of walking & running. I mentioned this half marathon on Facebook, and one of my FB friends provided his experience running a Trimara Sports race.

Now, I’m like what have I gotten myself into? Hopefully, the half will have more than five runners and the organizers will not ask us to run AND volunteer. While I will not meet my run a half marathon every month in 2022 (I had to skip running a half in March), I hope to run two half marathons during an upcoming month. I do not think hope this will not be a problem once I start training for NYC Marathon since I will have quite a few long runs to do.


Now that I have finished Beachbody on Demand’s 10 Rounds, I’ve decided to move on to Core De Force (CDF).

While I’ll provide a review of CDF as I get further into the program, I’ll mention that it is a 30-day MMA-style workout program. Although I am only a week into this program, I have to say that I’m really enjoying it. Even though CDF was released before 10 Rounds, I’m glad that I did 10 Rounds first because a lot of the moves/skills from 10 Rounds are used in CDF with the addition of various types of kicks.

Goals for the week:

-Restarting my 2.5-3 mile lunch walks.

-Reading for at least 30-min a day.

-Preparing my workout clothes as soon as I arrive home from work.

-Daily stretching and planking (kinda already doing this).

-Developing a running calendar.

-Boulder at least once a week. Doesn’t make sense to pay for a bouldering gym membership that I hardly use.

General Questions of the day:

– How’s life going?

-What motivates you?

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  1. Well I’m going away for the weekend and there is a parkrun and the parkrun has 800 runners every week and my parkrun has 70 runners every week and so I am volunteering at the holiday parkrun and not running it. So that’s how I am! (I will go for a morning seaside run on Sunday, though.).


  2. My PT is going pretty well, though I’m still in PT!
    My PT is increasing my running time and I actually did a 5K last weekend. I ran a 28:40 and felt okay.
    I kind of feel that the COVID blues are waring off. My mind is beginning to think of things to do instead of just watching TV most of the weekend.
    But I’m still not motivated enough to write a blog post.


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