(W)random Thoughts Wednesday

-While I sometimes complain about living in NYC, I really do love my neighborhood . . . sometimes.

-I do not understand why folks destroy things that they have purchased as a form of protest. Um . . . the company already has your money, and destroying your things does nothing to the company. Not saying that I agree with these Russian influencers.

-Woo hoo. I received this unexpected surprise in the mail on Monday – my Rock n Roll race series heavy medal. I guess is for running three of RnRs half marathons (Va Beach, Madrid, and New Orleans). This reminds me that I still have one more race in my 3-race tour pass.

-Anyone else HATES Microsoft Teams?


  • Me: The universe has something planned for me
  • The Universe: I don’t know you.

-I really want to try Georgian food (the country not the state).

-Normally, I am not a bathroom selfie kind of guy, but the mirror in this bathroom makes me seem really tall. Maybe it’s because the sink is really low.

-Lol. Reading a book about reducing food cravings while sitting in front of a display of a cured leg of pork in a restaurant.

Questions of the Day

-What randomness is on your mind?

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  1. Teams is very very hard to use, esp when you don’t use these things very often! My randomness is mainly around why did I run this morning when I didn’t want to, when I know that I very rarely don’t want to run and there’s usually a reason. Oh, I had a horrible run. Surprise! Hm.


    • While the food looks good, I find it a little strange that the place only accepts cash and AMEX.

      I could be wrong but I think some companies favor Teams because Zoom had some security breaches at the beginning of the pandemic. That turned off some people/companies, even though Teams is functionality is a hot mess.

      Have a nice weekend.

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