(W)random Thoughts Wednesday

-I was yesterday years old when I learned that female octopuses die after laying eggs. This New York Times article talks about scientists’ quest to find and use an octopus animal model that can be studied for multiple generations. (Link to article: ***)

-This cannot be good. Yesterday, I saw three dead birds during my walking commute to work. Maybe the birds were taking naps.

-Eek, I have less than 20 days to “get ready” for NYC Runs Brooklyn Half Marathon. Since I’m coming off of an injury, I do not have any real goals for this half marathon. Actually, I plan to alternate between running and walking 1mi for the 13.1 miles.

This reminds me that I have to double-check that my dept is looking for someone to cover my Sunday General Bio class.

-Since one of my 2022 goals was to run a half marathon each month, I need to pick some half marathons from May to August. Lemme see what Active.com is talking about.

-I’m thinking about adding another blog topic to this thing; something where I’ll discuss recent and relevant scientific/biomedical findings.

-Speaking of the above randomness: Perhaps, I’m stretching myself too thin. I’ve been blogging about running, food excursions, general randomness, and Eurovision. Maybe adding another topic will be too much.

-Speaking of the above randomness II: Adding another blog topic should not be too much work since Eurovision (and the American Song Contest) will be over mid-May.

-I need to do better with labeling my WordPress photos because I had to scroll through a year of pics to find the above Eurovision meme.

-I want to go on a vacation. Any recommendations for N. & S. America? Actually, I have to see if the hubby wants to visit his family in Spain.

-Springtime (kinda) in NYC:

-Why do I feel like everyone, besides me, is making upward professional (eg promotions, new jobs, new degrees, etc) and financial (eg building houses, buying properties, moving to bigger and better apartments, etc.) moves? While I am pretty self-confident, I always feel like I’m two steps behind everyone else. As I add more years to my age, this sentiment really has been affecting me over the past few months.

-LOL: These describe me to a T.

Questions of the Day

-What randomness is on your mind?

-Have any interesting podcasts that you listen to?

-What are you looking forward to this spring/summer?

-Any vacation recommendations in N. & S. America?

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  1. Well the main thing I’d pull from this is a) try not to compare yourself to other people, maybe they feel like they’re on a promotion / work treadmill they can never get off, etc., b) it’s bloody hard not to do that and I’ve been struggling with turning 50! So maybe do as I say, not as I do. Ha! I hope you find a good holiday spot. We’re still worrying about travelling then getting ill and trapped, although that hasn’t happened to most people I know and I suspect I had very mild Covid last week after being majorly exposed. Do you have a list of holiday options or open to anywhere?


    • A) This is so true and I often tell my students not to compare themselves to others, but I guess that I’m being a bit impatient. Since I have transitioned into a new career and am in the same spot as I started 4 years ago, I feel like I’m stuck. This feeling hits even harder when I see other folks in my org that have moved up in the ranks. Keep in mind that some of these folks have been in org for about the same (or even less) time as I.

      B) No concrete plans, but I would not mind traveling somewhere in N. or S. America. I asked the hubby if he wanted to go to Spain this summer and received a HARD no.

      C) Hopefully, you did not have COVID (fingers crossed).


  2. I say there’s never too many topics for a blog, the variety keeps it interesting! Granted that’s probably why I’ll never make money off my blog because it’s too inconsistent but hey as long as I’m enjoying it that’s all that matters right?

    How is Covid affecting any possible travel plans? We booked a road trip to Vermont again for this summer and considered going into Canada but they want tests done even if you’re vaccinated and I don’t feel that’s worth the hassle.

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    • Folks have asked why haven’t I montized this thing. One my reasons is similar to yours because I’m a bit too inconsistent and random to do such a thing. Although I blog, I think that this form of communication is quickly becoming passe because most folks have moved on to video blogging (I guess the “kids” call it vlogging). However, I prefer reading over watching videos.

      Since we were preparing to go on fun vacations, I did not mind testing requirements for Spain and the Dominican Republic. The only thing that kind of annoyed me was having to wear a mask for 6hrs during a cross Atlantic flight. Actually, I guess we were masked for 8+ hours bc masks had to be worn commuting to the airport, inside of the airport, on the plane, in the destination’s airport. Oh and returning from the Dominican Republic was so intense because it took us about 2.5 hrs to go through border control in NYC. You know what, lemme rethink this summer travel idea. šŸ˜‰

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      • I’m the same, I much prefer to read than listen to podcasts or watch videos. Then again I’m also the person who still plays CDs in her car so that shows how much I’m into technology trends. One of my track kids sarcastically asked me how old my phone was the other day… I’m like at least 3, maybe 4 years old? I don’t replace electronics until I’m forced to!

        I agree an international trip would make getting tested worth it but I wasn’t going through that to just pop into Canada for a day.

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      • Wow still rocking CDs? In terms of cell phones, I also do not change phones until I have to because I do not see the point/need to upgrade my phone every year.

        I agree that it doesn’t make sense to go through all of the hassles of COVID testing/quarentining for a day trip to Canada.


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