(W)random Thoughts Wednesday

Since Random Thoughts Thursdays pretty much have been taken over my Eurovision stuff, I figure that I would move my random a** thoughts to Wednesday. Eh, maybe I should have moved Eurovision crap to Wednesday.

-I give the folks from NYCRuns an A+ for customer service.

-While last week was a bit rough for me, I’m ready to be more positive in getting my professional and physical life together. Normally, I’m not a fan of sappy things, but I like the messages on my street’s repainted police barricades. FYI: These barricades are not here because of a high police presence (although crime in NYC has been rising). They are here to block car traffic for our Open Streets program.

-Very fitting because I’ve started doing yoga again.

-I guess the family of NYC half and full marathon bandits are back.

Pic from one of my FB running groups

-Brief backstory: During last year’s NYC Marathon, I saw this family (a mother with her four sons) a few times running the marathon. However, I do not think they ran the whole thing because I passed them a few times during the marathon, but somehow they were always ahead of me. I think they ran portions of the marathon but took public transportation to different parts of the marathon.

-I will say that folks were enraged. For instance, folks were trying to find out who the mom was so they could inform child protective services. While I did not mind this unregistered family running the marathon, I just thought it was a bit weird, but not abusive to the point of trying to get her kids taken away. So I guess crashing long-distance races is their thing. . . Well, technically the mother’s thing because I do not think any of the boys were excited to do this.

-LOL this perfectly describes me. I dunno why but I’ve never been a fan of walking.

-BUT, that’s changing. I’m going to try my hardest to go for 2-3 mile walks during my lunch break. Near work, we actually have the “serenity” stroll . . . which is not very serene.

-Every semester, I always have one of these students in my Gen Bio class.

-I was a little confused by this email. After class, I made a ~20min step-by-step video explaining how to make various types of graphs. Why would a make a video showing you how to do something only for you to do something completely different?

-Oh this student could not come to class one day because her dog “ate” her laboratory coat. Yeah. . . ok.

-OK, I’m all randomed out.

Questions of the Day

-Now that we have officially entered the Spring season? How’s the weather in your parts of the world?

-If there was one thing in your life that you could redo, what would it be?

-Anyone has some run faces.

Social Media Plug:


    • Thinking back to my college years, I never had the balls to make some of the requests that some of my students have made. “Oh, I see that I have a 54% average in the course. Is there any way I can pull this up to a 90% even though there only one week left in the semester?” You’re failing the course, but expect to earn an A within a week?!!!! Keep in mind, I provide grade updates after every exam so there is NO reason that any of my students should be surprised with their final grades.


  1. It’s spring here, all the magnolias and cherry trees are out and it’s lovely. I have a day off tomorrow (because my next-door neighbours are having their two massive trees cut down and a) it will be noisy, b) my office overlooks them and I do not want to see this) and I’m going to go and visit some particularly nice trees, as well as trying to get some new running shoes.

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    • Purchasing new shoes is definately in the works for me. My current shoes are from 2 seasons ago so I’m afraid that I will not find them. Note: The shoes are not 2 seasons old. I bought them last season, but I was really lucky that the shoe store had the same shoe (in my size) from the previous season. I l like to stick with one model/brand of shoe for as long as possible. You know, old dogs; and new tricks.

      Have fun shoe shopping and enjoying nature.

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  2. That is unbelievable to bandit the race with 4 kids in tow? first rule of banditing is don’t be obvious (never bandited personally). love the student question and the “no subject” on the email. I get some dumb emails in my work but students must be a gold mine of dumb questions! at least it’s entertaining?

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