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As I mentioned in a previous post (Random Thoughts Thursday: Eurovision), I’m going to start reviewing and making my predictions for ESC2022 as countries begin to name their artists and release their songs. While these songs will be performed at Eurovision, countries have some time to revamp the song (mainly to fit it into the 3-minute window) and staging.

In addition to making comments about the current entry, I’ll provide information about the country’s entry from last year’s Eurovision just as a comparison.

Shoot, in my rant about submitting songs without a live vocal, I completely forgot about Iceland

Systur – “Með hækkandi sól” (With the rising sun)


I think this is one of the songs that will have to grow on me. I have a feeling that this song will probably receive three stars from me. While I’m not too sure this will qualify for the finals, I might do ok in its semifinal round -maybe 12th/13th place. When I first heard the song, I was kind of like ZZZZZ ZZZZZ ZZZZ, but now I do not think it’s so bad. Based on the semifinal countries, there is a possibility that this group might slip through so never say never. This is one of those songs/performances where you have to be in the mood with an open mind to enjoy it. You know what it reminds me of? Music that I would listen to while studying . . . back when I did that.

I do appreciate that Systur, which is a group of three sisters, was brave enough to submit a song in the Icelandic language. Maybe “brave” is not the correct word to use, but in many cases (and unfortunately) for ESC, songs in English, French, Spanish (if you are not representing Spain 😜🤪😜), and Italian are the way to go. Honestly, I wish more countries would submit songs in an official language, but I totally get that there is a favorable bias for songs performed in English. That’s probably one of the main reasons why Ireland won the contest three years in a row. Back then, countries had to sing in an official language.

Overall, I enjoyed the song’s arrangement, the complementary nature of the sisters’ voices, and the inspirational message.

Í dimmum vetri – hækkar sól
Bræðir hjartans klakabönd – svo hlý
Í dimmum vetri – vorið væna
Vermir þitt vænghaf á ný

In a dark winter – the sun rises
Melts the heart’s icebergs – so warm
In the dark of winter – spring is coming
Reheat your wingspan

Iceland in last year’s Eurovision:

 Daði & Gagnamagnið) – Think About Things

  • Semi-final results: 2nd place out of 17 performances (288 total points – 140 national juries and 148 public votes)
  • Final results: 4th place out of 26 performances (378 total points – 198 national juries and 180 public votes)

Video from an ESC21 attendee

That damn Miss Rona strikes again. While the group made it to Rotterdam, unfortunately, one of the band members caught COVID so the band had to quarantine for the entire contest. Fortunately, the band was allowed to use one of their rehearsal videos for the semifinal and final, which is why the audience is watching the video instead of seeing a live performance. I guess technically it was a prerecorded live performance, but you know what I mean. To be perfectly honest, for the folks watching ESC21 on TV at home (or in my case, at a bar), you did not even notice that they were using a prerecorded video. Unlike the Australian contestant, the group could rehearse in the arena on the same stage as the other contestants, so you felt like they were physically on stage. In the case of the Australian contestant, she could not leave the country so her delegation sent a prerecorded video from Australia. Since her stage was drastically different from the one in Rotterdam, it did not feel like she was in the same contest.

When I first heard the during the semifinal round, I was like OUT. BUT, in the two days leading up to the final, the song and the band really grew on me. That’s why I think the Big Five countries (remember France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK) should have an opportunity to perform in the semifinal rounds even if they automatically advance to the finals. Doing this would give folks, who do not listen to the songs before finals a chance to enjoy the song.

I absolutely love the lead singer’s voice, especially when he moves into his lower register around 1:13 (“as it ages like wiiiine”.). Random fact: the song is a dedication to his pregnant wife who is also in the band – she’s one of the folks playing the keyboard guitar.

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