(W)random Thoughts Wednesday

Since Random Thoughts Thursdays pretty much have been taken over my Eurovision stuff, I figure that I would move my random a** thoughts to Wednesday. Eh, maybe I should have moved Eurovision crap to Wednesday.

I guess this will be more of a random questions post instead of random thoughts.

-Ever have the feeling of feeling underappreciated and undervalued? How did you get over it?

-How do you get over the feelings of being stuck in your personal, training, and/or professional life?

-I wonder if there is an option to downgrade my Brooklyn Marathon registration to a half marathon?

-Where should we go for a quick summer getaway – Panama, Costa Rica, or Colombia (even though I’ve visited all three countries)? I’m leaning towards Colombia since my last visit was in 2003 . . . and it really was not the best experience. Since that trip was pre-iPhones and Facebook (for me), I do not even have any pictures or posts to remember that trip.

-Yeah, where did I go wrong? One of my Facebook posts during the last year of my doctoral program.

Oh, the movie was And the Band Played On

In a prologue set in 1976, American epidemiologist Don Francis arrives in a village on the banks of the Ebola River in Zaire and discovers many of the residents and the doctor working with them have died from a mysterious illness later identified as Ebola hemorrhagic fever. It is his first exposure to such an epidemic, and the images of the dead he helps cremate will haunt him when he later becomes involved with HIV/AIDS research at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  


-Why do runners always want to overdo things? I’m slowly getting back to my running groove. As a means to ease into it (post calf injury), I’ve been alternating between walking and running. However, yesterday, I really had to fight myself not to push myself too hard while running the Harlem Hills in Central Park.

-Does anyone know the benefit of running the virtual version of London Marathon? Would folks get automatic entry into next year’s marathon? I know some folks enjoy running virtual events, but they’ve never really interested me – especially when some virtual events’ registration is about the same price as in-person races.

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  1. I assume the virtual is paid for in which case it’s just a way to make money. I ran a marathon virtually in 2018 when I was ill and couldn’t do Manchester but wanted to use my training up and even though I had friends with me it was a bit dispiriting, to say the least. And no, it doesn’t help you get in next year.

    My second-ballot-fail-top arrived today and it’s LOVELY, at least. Really nice.

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    • Thanks for the info regading London’s virtual marathon. I figured that it would be the case. At least it shows that the London Marathon folks are not too greedy (just a little bit greedy 🤪). You know, having runners pay for a virtual marathon (for guaranteed entry to the following year’s marathon), and then having them pay for the actual marathon (eg see NYC’s virtual marathon).

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