Running update

I think that I have recovered from last week’s depressing post. Hopefully, I can start easing back into running tomorrow because I think my calf muscle has healed. While I have not been running, I have been trying to go for “long” walks (4 to 6 miles). Let’s see if taking off a couple of weeks has re-sparked my running mojo. Although I’m not a huge fan of walking, I did follow up on a nice tip from the Marathon Training Academy.

Trevor, one of the cohosts, mentioned that he likes to read while walking on a treadmill, so I stole that idea with my currently reading.

Speaking of my walks: I saw this painting in the trash (technically on the trash), and I have to wonder what the hell was going through the painter’s mind.

I cannot determine if this painting is a pro-life or pro-choice message.

Future races:

Even though my running mojo has not officially returned, my nutty a** decided to register for a few more races. It makes sense to at least register for some NYRR races so I can complete my 9+1 NYC Marathon entry for 2023.

  • Front Runners New York LGBT Pride Run® (4M), which happens to be on my birthday this year. – Jun. 25
  • Harlem 5K – Aug. 13
  • 2022 TCS New York City Marathon – Nov. 6

It’s kind of funny that every time I sign up to run NYC Marathon, it still stings to pay $255 to run NYC Marathon. I’m not complaining about the cost, because I realize that it cost a lot of money to host a marathon that goes through 5 boroughs (eg street closures, police overtime, fluid stations, clean up, medics, etc.). However, it’s a weird feeling to pay $255 to run 26.2 miles in NYC – that’s close to $10 per mile.

In my running (slight) depression, I completely forgot that I registered to run the Brooklyn Marathon in Apr.

Obviously, there is no way that I will be marathon-ready by Apr. 24. That said, if I decide to go through with this, I guess there will be a LOT of walking. Oh crap, I better make the request to find a sub for that Sunday’s class.

Luck was not a lady/fellow tonight: No London Marathon for me.

Some positivity for the day

Question of the Day:

-Are you planning to have some pie for Pi Day (3.14)? Yes, I know that it’s technically pronounced “pee” instead of pie.

-How did your weekend runs (either long or short) go?

-Am I the only one who did not realize that yesterday was daylight saving? I guess that’s the joy of having devices that automatically do the spring forward or fall back?

-Since I’ve been in a bit of a running depression, let me know some nice running-related things you’ve recently experienced?

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  1. It’s a no for London for me, too. Because I went in for the second ballot where you donate your fee, I had to wait till the first ballot people had had the no emails, then the yes emails … I’m glad though, really, because I’m out of condition and carrying a bit of extra weight and would prefer to be in a better state before starting marathon training.

    In weekend runs, I did 8 miles with my friend Trudie on Sunday and we were privileged to stand and watch a beautiful heron in the nature reserve – just lovely.

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    • LOL. After tweeting my London lottery result, I received a DM about runfest in Richmond. At first, I was like this could work. Then I realized the DM was referring to Richomond, England – NOT Richmond, Virginia (my homestate).

      Lord Jesus, I read the second part of your comment too fast and thought you saw heroin during your run. I was like in which danger zone is Liz running.

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      • Ha! We do have our issues here in England’s second city, we come across laughing gas canisters and clouds of dope smoke a lot, but there isn’t that much heroin just hanging around in nature reserves!

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