Eurovision (ESC) Thursday – Germany🇩🇪


As I mentioned in a previous post (Random Thoughts Thursday: Eurovision), I’m going to start reviewing and making my predictions for ESC2022 as countries begin to name their artists and release their songs. While these songs will be performed at Eurovision, countries have some time to revamp the song (mainly to fit it into the 3-minute window) and staging.

In addition to making comments about the current entry, I’ll provide information about the country’s entry from last year’s Eurovision just as a comparison.

Malik Harris – Rockstars


With my first listen, I kind of thought that this song was kind of boring, but now I kind of like it. I think is one of those songs where you have to actually focus on the lyrics and the message, which probably means that it might get lost in the shuffle in a group of 30+ songs during Eurovision. At first, I thought the staging was pretty boring, but I think it’s supposed to represent an artist writing/composing/thinking/contemplating in a studio. That said, I’m not sure how this will translate on the Eurovision stage especially since the song itself is a bit weak. To be honest, this performance kind of looks like a rehearsal for a real performance. I think this might do ok with the national juries, but might suffer in the public vote unless there are some drastic changes in the staging.

Germany in last year’s Eurovision:

Jendrik – I Don’t Feel Hate 

  • Semi-final results: Since Germany is one of the Big Five, Jendrik did not have to participate in the semifinal round.
  • Final results: 25th place out of 26 performances (3 total points – 3 national juries and 0 public votes)

Unfortunately, I could find only the rehearsal video for Jendrik’s song

I kind of felt bad for Jendrik and the other three performers from the UK, Spain, and the Netherlands that received 0 public votes. Here’s the funny thing from my limited Eurovision fandom. On the night of the final, this performance was one of my cigarette/restroom breaks. After watching ESC21 a couple of times, I have grown to like the song and the performance. Is it my favorite? Hell no. BUT, it’s a decent song with a pretty good message. I guess the song is fine, but the performance was lost on a lot of people. While I now like the song and performance (kinda sorta), I can understand its low placement because there were so many strong songs/performances in last year’s contest.

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  1. Catching up on your Eurovision updates! 😉 why is he dancing with someone dressed as the middle finger? maybe this doesn’t translate for me LOL. I want but am also afraid to as for your hot takes on my fav band right now- BTS!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL. I do not think it translated for anyone. However, in his song he says something like: “I don’t feel hate; I just feel sorry so you can wiggle with that middle finger it’ll never wiggle back to you.” I guess it makes sense because the giant hand is somewhat antagonizing the singer during the performance.

      Interestingly, Iceland’s entry (the Blind Channel) had to cover their middle fingers with red tape because they could not flick off the crowd during their performance. Their song had something like: Put your middle fingers up, take a shot, throw it up and don’t stop.

      I think BTS was recently on one of our morning shows in NYC. It definitely put some pep in my morning.

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