(W)random Thoughts Wednesday

Since Random Thoughts Thursdays pretty much have been taken over my Eurovision stuff, I figure that I would move my random a** thoughts to Wednesday. Eh, maybe I should have moved Eurovision crap to Wednesday.

-I love it when running memes speak the truth. Without fail, I could be bullsh*tting around the apt all morning, but here comes the poop as soon as I put on my running clothes and head out of the apt.

-During the pandemic, I have wrestled with the idea of purchasing a car. Every time, I’m like let’s do it something comes along to stop my plans. I guess that I should look into the car below.

-How do regain your running motivation? For several reasons, I have not been feeling like running lately.

-A picture from my kindergarten class. Why isn’t anyone (including the teachers) smiling in our class picture? What the hell did this Catholic elementary school do to us on picture day? Maybe we took the picture after nap time. Wait, did we have nap time in kindergarten, or was that more of a Pre-K 4 thing?

-I need some inspiration for an early summer vacation. How does Costa Rica or Panamá sound? I’ve been to both already, but I would not mind revisiting.

-Wasn’t I supposed to relearn Spanish in 2022?

-I’m long overdue for some health checkups – 1. yearly general physical, 2. 6-mth dental checkup, 3. vision (I need a new set of contact lenses) crap; and 4. a podiatrist kissing corn removal.

-I have not been indoor rock climbing in a hot minute. Maybe I’ll go today during my lunch break.

-Still keeping this around:

Random Questions:

What (w)random thoughts are in your head?

Do you like oysters? If so, how do you like them prepared?

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