(W)random Thoughts Wednesday

Since Random Thoughts Thursdays pretty much have been taken over my Eurovision stuff, I figure that I would move my random a** thoughts to Wednesday. Eh, maybe I should have moved Eurovision crap to Wednesday.

-I think the hubby and I had a nice anniversary yesterday. I feel so relaxed (maybe too relaxed) after yesterday’s day-long adventure to a nice spa. The only (small) problem with our adventure was seeing my job while trying to relax in one of the many outdoor thermal pools.

-While I have not been as productive for my run 2022 km in 2022, I’m still working on the goal. I’m gonna have to up my distance during March.

-Raw oysters twice in one week; I may need to go to oyster rehab.

-Speaking of rehab: If you have any information, let me know.

-Some motivation:

-LOL: Answers are below

Not a goddamn thing.

Middle: McDonald’s (or any other fast-food restaurant) money.

The one or One of your lil’ friends.

-Since today is Ash Wednesday (the kick-off for the season of Lent), today is the perfect time to get my fitness and wellness life together. Lemme dust off these portion control containers and get back on Beachbody’s 21-Day Fix program (Link to more information about this program: ***).

-Not trying to start a political debate, but I’m just putting this out there:

Random Questions:

What (w)rnadom thoughts are in your head?

Do you like oysters? If so, how do you like them prepared?

Social Media Plug:


  1. One random thought is that I need to start following you after your insightful comment on Sassy Bear’s blog and this entertaining post. Time for me to go to bed, but I’ll be reading more. Also, I like oyster stew. I’ve had oysters in meat loaf and have enjoyed them. I hate raw oysters primarily because I don’t find mucus at all appetizing.

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  2. I daren’t let the random thoughts in my head run free!

    I LOVE oysters, raw or steamed. Mmmmmmm.

    Even in the middle of WAR, black people face discrimination from those alleging to support and desirous to help. Fuck it all to hell.

    Happy belated Anniversary.

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    • I wish that I had taken advantage of eating more oysters during my college years in New Orleans.

      The Ukraine thing is kind of complicated for me (and everyone, I guess).
      -Men between the ages of 18 – 60 cannot leave the country, but I do not know if that’s only for Ukrainians or all men. So I guess the question is: are these practices racist or nationalist?
      -Not blaming the African students, but I wish their countries did more to get them out BEFORE the war started. If I saw the US leaving the country, I would have been like: let me pack my sh*t and bounce. I guess these things are hard to predict and action often takes place when it’s too late. One prime example, the evacuation efforts for Hurricane Katrina. Many folks did not leave because they were like every year meteorologists say this hurricane is going to be the Big One and it ends up being a regular, weak tropical storm.


  3. Ah, that’s interesting, I’ve just been reading about the vile racism going on in Ukraine on a Ghanaian woman’s blog I follow, absolutely shocking. I’ve asked her if she knows of any charities specifically helping these folk. I’ve given to the Red Cross already and hopefully they are giving equitable aid. Nothing about this in the UK media.

    And on a more lighthearted note, I love your plea for exercise and diet programmes where you don’t have to do exercise or dieting! I’m still on the “oh no, what if I DO get into London” marathon running programme …

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    • Would you mind sending a link to the blog? I have not heard anything about this in the US media also. I learned about this through Twitter (#africansinukraine). Honeslty, I’m not sure how I stumbled on it because it’s not like I was searching #africansinukraine. Maybe the hashtag was included a tweet about war between Ukraine and Russia.

      We’re supposed to find out about London’s Marathon in a couple of weeks, right?

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