(W)random Thoughts Wednesday

Since Random Thoughts Thursdays pretty much have been taken over my Eurovision stuff, I figure that I would move my random a** thoughts to Wednesday. Eh, maybe I should have moved Eurovision crap to Wednesday.

The topic for today’s (w)random thoughts:

Did anyone follow the Winter Olympics?

Last night after dinner, I asked the hubby which events would we watch, and he was like um the Olympics ended on Sunday. My sports question was more or less a joke because we tend to watch random documentaries or old episodes of Golden Girls. This city is so random, I recently learned that there is a Golden Girls puppet show.

Personally, I did not pay attention to either the Summer or Winter Olympics this year, and I began to question why. A few thoughts.

  • COVID (the big elephant in the room): Because of the pandemic, I think there just was far too many other things to worry about besides the Olympics. Yes, the Olympics have been a tool (for me, at least) to forget about things for two weeks. But, during this pandemic, it has been difficult to “forget” about things. Also, it felt weird watching the Olympics and seeing nearly empty stadiums with the exception of the athletes, their coaches, and Olympic officials. It makes it a bit hard to forget about the pandemic while watching the impact of the pandemic in real time during the Games.
  • Geography: This will be a selfish reason for me. Since the Olympics were held on the other side of the world, it was a bit difficult to care about the Games when the results were announced through news outlets and on social media. Am I really going to watch a competition on TV when I already know the results? I felt the same when the games were held in Australia. In the past, I could not wait to get home (or a bar) to watch my events during primetime. Now, I’m kind of like MAAAAAYBE I’ll watch.
  • Broadcaster preferences: I guess that I’m the odd one out of the bunch, but (for me) there is always too much coverage on 1-3 popular sports, which always seem to be figure skating for the Winter Olympics. I have nothing against the sport (with exception of its subjective scoring mechanism). I understand networks have to feature the events that the public want to see and what advertisers are willing to pay for. That said, it kind of bugs me when there is a massive amount of coverage for 1-2 sports, even on days/nights when there are not any events for said sport. Ok, for figure skating, this year was a bit strange with all of the controversies surrounding the Kamila Valieva.
  • Broadcaster preferences II: Enough fluff pieces. I get that the Olympians are supposed to be a source of inspiration to both athletes and nonathletes both young and old. Now, it seems that significant portion of primetime coverage goes to these fluff pieces. I mean just have those folks on the Today Show with Al, Hoda, Carson, and the rest of ’em.
  • Olympic fatigue: In previous years, the Summer and Winter Games are usually spaced out by a couple of years. This year (because of this dumb pandemic), the games were separated only by six months. Perhaps, there was just too much Olympics, and people (including me) simply were over it.
  • Change in viewing habits: With the emergence of several streaming platforms, many folks have turned away from traditional TV viewing habits (eg network and cable TV). Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I had cable. While multiple events were streamed on NBC’s Peacock platform, I think many folks (myself included) were not going to pay for yet another streaming service to watch the Games. As a matter of fact, I’m trying to cancel one or two of our streaming services (I have a feeling that Disney+ will be on the chopping block). Random thought to my random thought: I hope Peacock is not going to put this year’s Eurovision Song Contest on their top tier level (ie you have to purchased a paid subscription to view it). Darn it, ESC managed to slip into what was supposed to be a non-ESC post.

Random Questions:

Did you follow either the Summer or Winter Olympics this year?

If you did not follow them, what were your main reasons?

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  1. I didn’t watch the winters because I boycotted them over China’s treatment of their Muslim population. I do usually watch Olympics and my friend Alison was at Tokyo being a senior photo finish judge. I will admit to not watching so much of the athletics because I got burned out being a county level official myself.

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  2. Originally Jason and I weren’t going to watch as a boycott of China’s human rights violations but we realized we would be indirectly watching through the local news stories anyway and felt well us not watching doesn’t actually do anything for the Muslims in China so… We watched some but I feel the winter ones get monotonous. Like it’s a handful of sports with just a bunch of different competition types. I’ll take the variety of the summer ones.

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