Random Thoughts Thursday

-Ugh. During yesterday’s run, I felt a weird sensation in my left shin. I really hope that it’s not a stress fracture (I’ve had a couple in that leg). I guess running 2022 km in 2022 will become WALK 2022 km in 2022 if this is the case. I did not notice any pain/sensitivity during Sunday’s race, so I hope this is a bad case of shin splints.

-I’m a bit confused about the student evaluations from last semester’s sections (left was my Sat section; and right was my Sun section).

This is the first time in prob four years where all of my sections’ overall averages were not higher than the other sections and the department as a whole (eg the left graph). Not sure why those few students gave me low ratings in the Sunday section. It’s kind of funny because I thought the Sun classes went better than the Sat classes. Since I was teaching the same content for both sections, I figure that the Saturday section was more of a test run leading to a better “performance” on Sunday.

-Speaking of higher education. I saw this tweet, and it reminds me of an academic version of Bernadette burning her husband’s car in Waiting to Exhale. At my college, dropping/withdrawing from courses at this point means only a 10 – 25% tuition refund.

-Ugh. I ordered the wrong Dude Wipes. Nobody wants their booty crack smelling like mint and eucalyptus.

-Phew! Runerto, the mascot of EDP (the organization that co-sponsors RnR in Madrid), is still alive. I was concerned because he was not posting too frequently on IG. Maybe he was hibernating during the winter months. 😉

-I still want another one of these ultimate Bloody Marys from Oceana Grill in New Orleans.

-LOL. A combination of running and Wordle.

-Sh*t don’t we all.

-Who’s with me? 😉

What random thoughts are going through your head?

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    • I think that I figured out the shin thing. I’ve been doing this at-home boxing workout program. Constantly bouncing on the balls of my feet probably contributed to the shin thing.

      Running in the rain never sounds like for me.

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