New Orleans Half Marathon Training Wk ?+1

Running 2022 km in 2022 progress: In order to stay on my goal of running 2022 km (~1,263 mi) in 2022, I have to run about 168 km (~105 mi) each month.

  • January mileage: 164 km so I’m just a few kilometers off of my monthly target. I guess that I need to pick up the pace next month.

Ugh, unfortunately, I have not really been on my training grind due to a general lack of motivation. Also, I am a bit annoyed that I did not get an opportunity to fit in a long run over the weekend. In my defense, the northeast was hit by a lot of snow over the weekend, and I really was not up to running 8+ miles on a treadmill. I’ll use this taper week and my New Orleans Half on Sunday to get back on track.

While I did not meet my New Orleans Half training goal, I did start a couple of Beachbody fitness programs.

I’ll do a more thorough review once I get further into the two programs, but here’s a taste.

645 is a strength training workout program where participants work out six days a week for 45 minutes. So far, the program is just so-so because I was expecting a bit more cardio with this strength training program. That said, I am getting good use of my adjustable dumbells.

10 Rounds: Since I was not getting too much cardio from 645, I decided to alternate between 645 and 10 Rounds. Well, depending on what 645 is talking about, I’ll do 645 followed by 10 Rounds, which is only about ~30 minutes. Once a week, 645 basically is a 45-minute yoga session.

This week, I think that I hit my January lull. For me, this is a week or two when I do not feel like accomplishing any of my 2022 resolutions. I’ve pretty much have dropped the ball on:

  • Following my New Orleans half marathon training plan. I have been running but not really doing my specialized running workouts.
  • Eating properly. I cannot remember the last time that I logged my meals for my 21-day plan. Also, intermittent fasting has been really hit or miss.
  • Nighly stretching and foam rolling.

This week reminded me of this meme from 2017 that I posted on Facebook.

OK! Enough whining! This week, I’m going to get my fitness life together. While I have New Orleans Half this Sunday, I have to start putting some real work in preparation for NYCRuns Brooklyn Marathon, which is only 82 days away.

I hope running this marathon will give me some indication of where my marathon fitness is and what I need to work on as I prepare for the NYC Marathon in November. If everything goes according to plan, I think this will be the first time that I will run two marathons in one calendar year.

Questions of the Day:

Speaking of NYC Marathon, would you pay $150 for one of these Dunkin Donut beanies. Hey, at least this person is “nice” enough to include free shipping. 😉

-NYC Marathon runners can get these beanies (for FREE) while waiting for their wave to start. In most cases, folks toss them in to the clothing donation bin just before starting the marathon. Hell, if I had known that folks actually pay for these, I would have kept mine to sell. Then again, I’m not sure that I would want to hold on to my free beanie for 26.2 miles.

-How do you overcome a lack of motivation?

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  1. Lack of workout motivation for me usually comes from feeling like I have to do certain workouts when I just don’t want to. Example a few months ago I was requiring myself to do an upper body workout, lower body workout and a core workout every week. It was making me bored with lifting so I said screw it when I’m not running I’m doing what I feel like for a workout. This involved various random DailyBurn workouts. I probably didn’t gain as much strength as I could’ve but the change was motivating.


  2. That’s a very determined picture at the top of this piece! I can’t believe your N.O. half has come round so quickly. I just got reminded that I applied for the London Marathon and we find out this month (they didn’t tell us exactly when) – oops! It’s not till October though, at least.

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    • -Ha! Re the “determined” pic. I was trying to take the selfie quickly because there was a person with obvious mental issues screaming profanities at one of his personalities.
      -Thanks for the update bc I entered the lottery for London’s Marathon. This is useful info bc I prob should wait to see if I’ll have a spot before making Eurovision-related travel plans. Not sure if I’ll have enough vacation days to pull of two European vacations within 6-7 mths of each other.


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