Random Thoughts Thursday

-Sometimes I love using wireless earbuds . . . most times I hate them.

-I hope that I’m not being selfish. Rather than going to Virginia for Christmas, the hubby and I are going to spend a few days in the Dominican Republic . . . if the pandemic does not mess it up.

-Looks like it’s that time in the semester for these crazy requests from my undergraduate students.

-I forgot that eBib put my likeness on one of its memes.

-I did not know that only 1% of the US population has completed a marathon. With the growing popularity of marathons, I figured that this percentage would be higher.

-Speaking of low numbers: According to the US Census Bureau, only 1.2% of the US population has a Ph.D. Honestly, I need to take the next month to reevaluate my career path, because I do not feel like I’m utilizing my Ph.D. AT ALL.

-Now that it’s holiday potluck season, please do not be this person.

-As some may know, 90 Day Fiance (and its 50 million spin-offs) is a guilty pleasure of mine. Looks like we have a brand new season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days with an ALL NEW cast. All I have to say is Memphis . . . Girl, you in danger.

-An episode of late-night drunk cooking. I made a ham/cheese/egg nog/whiskey omelet. Yes, I was still a bit inebriated from dinner. You know, NYC living . . . spend a crap ton of money on a dinner at a nice restaurant, but you have to make something when you get home because you are still hungry.

-Now, I wonder what were the green things in the egg batter. Oh, I shredded some spinach for the omelet.

What random thoughts are bouncing in your head?


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