New Orleans Half Marathon Training Wk 5

Planned Miles: 28 miles

Completed Miles: 19

My completed miles make me look a slacker, but I need to update my marathon training plan to a half marathon training plan. Remember, that I was originally training for Rock n Roll: New Orleans Marathon in Feb, but the organizers downgraded it to a half marathon. Of course, they did that after I registered for the full marathon (Link to my rant: ***).

Still coming off of my high from running a decent (for me) Ted Corbitt 15K race, I think that I was in a good place for this week of training. While most of my runs were easy in nature, I did have a blast fitting in a tempo run. Actually, I think my tempo run was more of an interval run because I had to run my tempo pace for 5 minutes then do an easy jog for 2 minutes (for four intervals). I always thought that one was supposed to run at a tempo pace for 20+ minutes. For this run, which was about 3.5 miles, I decided to start in a different part of Central Park.

I think the tempo run went well . . . maybe too well.

According to my little chart above, my tempo run pace is supposed to be 8:50min/mi. During my intervals, I was running at a pace of 8:20min/mi, but I would try to slow down for the next interval. However, that plan blew up in my face because I would run something like a 9:15min/mi pace. After all of these years of running, I still cannot pace myself by feel/effort. Either I go too fast (for me) or too slow. Then again, I think this is the first time that I have started to focus on pacing for my various types of runs.

Normally, I start my runs in the northern part of the Park, which is close to my apartment. However, I have to admit that it’s getting a bit boring running the same route (the large loop in Central Park). While I ran half of my normal route (the large loop is about 6 miles), it was nice to begin the run from a different starting point. It was NOT so nice taking the subway during morning rush hour.

It has finally happened; I guess that I’m a Spotify-er. Well technically, the hubby added me to his plan. I’m still not sure if I’ll fully convert to Spotify (I use iTunes for my music needs), but we’ll see how it goes. I think that I’ll probably use Spotify for my podcasts. I will say that the app is great for listening to random songs. For instance, the other day for some strange reason, I wanted to listen to Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits. Ordinally, I would have just purchased the mp3 on iTunes and kept it moving, but it was nice to listen to it (for free) on Spotify a few times and be done with it. Ugh, now that I mentioned the song, it’s stuck in my head again.

As most know, I’m a bit of a 90 Day Fiance fan and these two guys are absolutely hilarious. In fact, I purchased tickets to see one of their live shows in January. However, I can only listen to their podcasts when I’m doing easy runs because they make me laugh too much, which probably would not be a good idea for my high-intensity runs/workouts.

While my 9-mile long run went well, I still had a bit of trouble with pacing.

Going back to my little chart above, I’m supposed to run a 10:34-11:54min/mi pace. My pace for this long run was 10:27min/mi, which isn’t that much faster than my long run range, BUT I walked the first 0.75 miles to Central Park as part of my warm-up. Perhaps, I have “outgrown” my training plan. Since I have the Fred Lebow Half Marathon coming up on Jan. 23, I think that I will continue with my current training efforts until then and modify (if necessary) for my half marathons in Feb. and Mar.

Shoot, this reminds me that I need to get my life together and find a marathon to run in April. At this point (and out of laziness), I’ll probably end up registering for NYCRuns Brooklyn Marathon. As a matter of fact, I’ll do that as soon as I post this.

Ugh, one of these days, I run a marathon outside of NYC.

Questions of the Day:

-What’s the earliest that you have registered for a race?

-While running, can you adjust your pace based off of feel or do you have to constantly refer to your watch for adjustments?

-What do you want Santa to bring you in 11 days (if Christmas is your thing)?

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  1. I’ve been running for 20 plus years and still can’t tell how fast I’m running. And i registered for my first marathon in the January to race in the August, I think that’s the longest. Sounds like you’re doing well and running consistently, hope you can get the pacing sorted.

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  2. I’m sure there were races I registered for close to a year in advance because of the price increases. Fortunately I’ve always been able to run the races I’ve registered for, even one I shouldn’t have because I was injured but I “ran” it anyway. I’m surprisingly good at predicting my pace when I’m running. I’ll even make it a game to see how close I can get to what my watch says. I’ve done that with guessing the distance too and I’m usually pretty close.

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    • Hopefully . . . someday, I reach your expert level of pace and distance predictions. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I asked the how early question because I do not want to sign up for things too far in advance (especially international or out of state races) without being sure that I can (or will be able to) run them.

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      • I know at least for this past year, most race directors had a pretty decent cancellation policy or at least you could postpone until the next race because of covid. I would check that out first and weigh the costs of registering and traveling to the race. If it’s a flat no-refund or postpone policy, I’d probably skip it.

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  3. Oddly enough I can judge my pace better on hilly courses. When I run flat I seen to speed up or slow down without ever feeling the change. On hilly courses I tend to not lose much going uphill so I can just feel it better.

    I don’t think I’ve ever signed up for a race more than 4 months in advance.

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