Random Thoughts Thursday

-I think that I’m falling into a bit of depression. I just feel like there is never enough time to balance and do everything, which is causing me to f*ck up in all areas of my life.

-Also, when do folks find the time to read for fun? I just received a notification from the library stating that my two books are due in three days. I’ve barely made through the first two chapters in my currently reading.

Image courtesy of Target

-It’s kind of funny because I meant to check out the book below, which I did not get a chance to finish reading last month.

Image courtesy of REI

-I have to say that participating in #runchat’s annual holiday scavenger hunt (link: ***) has really motivated me to get out there and run. Here are some things that I have found during my daily runs – five down, fifteen to go.

-I’m really interested in running the Marathon Beneva de Montréal in September. As some may know, Montréal is one of my favorite North American cities. Hopefully, the new COVID variant will not screw up my 2022 full and half marathon plans.

Image courtesy of mltmarathon.com

-Speaking of an international marathon, is anyone up for running the Inca Trail Marathon (Perú) in September? Wait, I gotta pay $3400 to run a marathon with a 5000-foot climb?!!! I hope there is a typo with the registration fee, and the price is in Peruvian Soles instead of USD. 😉 Sh*t, 3400 Soles is about 800 USD . . . Hell to the No! Cute, the elevation map looks kind of like my home state, Virginia.

-Speaking of Perú (look at me linking my random thoughts): I guess the hubby and I have made the first week of December Peruvian cuisine week – a Peruvian restaurant (12/05/21), pisco sours at home (12/06/20), and a Peruvian restaurant (12/07/19). If not for Facebook memories, I would not have known that we were doing this. I guess that I should make a reservation for a Peruvian restaurant during the 1st week of December 2023. Gotta keep the streak going.

-It’s funny how I did not sign up for the NYC Half Marathon lottery. Now that folks are getting notifications that they are in the half, I’m experiencing FOMO. Wait, that’s dumb because I’m already running a half marathon in Philly in March. Ok, FOMO is over.

-I kind of like when folks make up new words. Yes, it’s lazy, but who cares. 😉 The sign below is supposed to be Dominican or Puerto Rican Spanish for hang out. However, it’s a bit weird because (as most know) the “H” is silent in Spanish. So, shouldn’t it be “No Janguie”?

-However, I totally agree with the sign. I cannot strand when I go into a bodega (many are very small in NYC) and there is a bunch of folks, who do not work there, just hanging around. GO FIND SOME BUSINESS BECAUSE YOU ARE BLOCKING THE FRIDGE WITH THE DIET COKE!!!

What random thoughts are on your mind today?

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  1. I like that scavenger hunt! We had a load through the first lockdowns and Karen at running club, who invented, shared and celebrated them with brilliant mosaics of our pictures, got an award at the club awards night for doing it. The best one was animals, when we had to find an elephant (signs by children’s playgrounds all have them here), a lion (the Lions organisation sign and posh people’s driveways) and a kangaroo (a wine box in the window of an off-licence) plus a giraffe (Lego one in town outside the Lego Experience. Always fun to do.

    My random thought is around whether I should grit my teeth and do an online Spanish course from the language institute in town. I could read your sign OK (hooray!) so more worry about what level I’d place myself at. But I think I’m going to do it.

    And hugs re the depression. I’m OK just now, husband is in SAD mode with the dark days.

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  2. I feel you on the depression over not being able to do everything/balance everything. I really want to bake more and try some new recipes and just feel like I don’t have time. I also feel like I need to read/study more on good workouts for my track kids and never get around to it.

    Regarding reading Jason and I usually head to the bedroom around 9/9:15 and read about a half hour each night. Some nights I’m so spent and crash right away but I can usually get 30 mins in.

    No way would I want to pay that much money for a race unless it included my hotel or some really big perk!

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    • On one hand, I’m like I need to start scheduling my evening routines (reading, foam rolling, preparing my working clothes and lunch, etc). Then on the other hand, my workday is so scheduled that sometimes I just want to do my own thing when I arrive home.

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