Random Thoughts Thursday

Let’s get the social plug out of the way

-Currently reading

Michael Pollan’s How to Change Your Mind meets Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run in this immersive, investigative look at the hidden culture of cannabis use among elite athletes (as well as weekend warriors)–and the surprising emerging science behind the elusive, exhilarating “runner’s high” they all seek.


-This Thanksgiving thread from Facebook had me dying.

-LOL at me learning that my dentist shares the same first and last name as an actor who was featured in several risque movies from the 70s. Actually, I need to make a dental appointment soon.

-My dentist and I had a very interesting discussion about this actor. Back in the 90s, Hollywood (not sure of the organization) held a tribute to Andy Warhol, who produced Flesh and wanted actors from his movies to help celebrate. The organizers called my dentist, who told them that they had contacted the wrong Joe Dellesandro. Then he told me that he always wondered what would have happened if he took the free trip and showed up as “a skinny, nerdy, Jewish-Italian fellow from Brooklyn” at the tribute.

-Running vocabulary time: Earlier I posted a pic that contains my time and training goals for future full and half-marathons.

-VO2-Max: run for about six minutes at the fastest pace that you can. For me, that would be running at a 7:58min/mi pace for 4 – 6 minutes. A sample VO2max workout from Active.com – 10-minute warm-up, VO2-max time trial, and 10-minute cool-down.

-Speed form training helps improve leg turnover and running economy. A sample speed form workout from Runners World: run six to eight repeats of 200 meters at speed form pace with two- to four-minute recovery jog after each repeat.

-Another interesting find regarding speed training workouts that can be incorporated into marathon training (Marathon Training Guide).

-Wasn’t I supposed to get a running-themed tattoo after finishing NYC Marathon?

-It looks like we are in the 3rd quarter of Eurovision’s season.

-LOL at me messing with the hubby, who is from Spain, about getting dinner from this place. He was not amused; those Spaniards take their paella VERY seriously.

Questions of the Day:

Do you incorporate VO2 max and/or speed form workouts while training for full or half marathons?

What random thoughts are bouncing around your head?


  1. Ah, Spain. Just realised it’s just not an option to try to go there in Jan for my 50th. Hmph. Also thoughts are full of will the guys come to collect the fridge/freezer they were meant to collect today and it was STUCK but now we’ve taken off the light switch (and put it on again) and taken off part of the door frame (and haven’t), it’s out, the new one’s in (I did the biggest leg press in the world to shove it in) and will they come and get it or will we have two fridges forever?


    • You cannot visit Spain because of COVID or something else? Fingers crossed that they will come soon to pick up the old fridge. Have a nice weekend . . . well, I guess you are already in the post-work part of the weekend. 😉

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      • Yeah, it’s the Covid situation, the new variant is really kicking in here and I can just see us ending up not allowed in, having to stay in some quarantine hotel, getting stuck in Spain, etc., etc. Just seemed too much!


  2. since my stove decided to spontaneously combust this week, i feel for Sharon of Marie Calendars thread. I do incorporate speed work in my marathon training, intervals and tempo run each week – i follow the run less run faster “3 quality runs” training plan (tempo, intervals, & long run). 😉

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    • I saw your IG, and I’m glad no one was hurt. That’s very scary.

      I’m trying to do better this time around for training so I really want to incorporate different running workouts besides long runs and hill intervals.

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  3. Definitely didn’t incorporate any speed work in my marathon training plan. I’ve done some at times during half marathon training.

    What did you use to get those pace calculations? I should look into that maybe it’ll motivate me to pick up the pace!


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