New Orleans Half Marathon Training Wk 2

Planned miles: 23.1 mi

Completed miles 20 mi

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I guess technically this should be week 1 because I really did not do anything for a couple of weeks. After learning that New Orleans full marathon is now a half marathon, my motivation kind of weakened. That said, I’m going to get it together and power through to meet my goal of running a 2 hr marathon.


While I fell short of my distance goal this week, I think that I was pretty productive. I kind of fell short because I did not run a full 13 miles for my long run on Sunday because of the cold (34F) weather with flurries.

For me, I needed to get one very cold run out of the way to get into the swing of running during the winter. Someone told me that you do not feel the cold until you stop running . . . I found that to be a goddamn lie. 😉

I can already tell that self motivation will be an issue for running in the winter. A couple of things that I need to start incorporating into my routine.

  1. Figuring out what to wear in colder temps
  2. Preparing my running stuff the night before

For #1, someone in my running group mentioned that taking pictures of your clothes and noting the temperature can help with winter running. During the summer, it’s easy to know what to wear . . . next to nothing. However, the winter months are tough because you want enough layers to stay warm, but not too many that you will not overheat or feel too bulky while running. It’s funny how a 5F change in the temperature can make all the difference (at least for me) in running or staying home.

For #2, one of my biggest fails with cold running is spending a lot of time getting my stuff together 1st thing in the morning. I laid out my clothes for this weekend’s long run the night before. On Sunday, it took me all of 15 minutes to get dressed and get out of the door. I did not have time to even think about losing my motivation.



As so might know, I have been working through Shaun T’s Insanity workouts for the past 3-4 months. Yes, I know that it is only a 2-month fitness plan, but I have been busy. 😉 Last week started the 2nd month of the program, and it has been a killer.

Goddamn. If I had known the second month would be this hard, I would not have started the program. LOL


This past week also marked my “return” to bouldering. Sometime in Sept, I took a break from bouldering. While training for NYC Marathon in September, I had a kinda-sorta bad fall off of a wall. Since I had a half marathon in Madrid (Oct) and the NYC Marathon (Nov), I thought it would be a good idea to skip bouldering until after the marathon. I did not want to risk twisting or spraining an ankle (or worse) right before the marathon. Getting back to bouldering is not like riding a bike. I think that I’m going to sign up for a couple of intro classes to get back into the grove. It’s not like my technique was that great before taking my break so you can imagine how bad my technique has gotten in the absence of bouldering for the past few months.


-How many Christmas tress are folk getting this year? I’ve been noticing that folks are buying 2+ Christmas trees. Did I miss a memo?

-Any upcoming goals to round out 2021?

Upcoming Race:

Image courtesy from NYRR

Ted Corbitt 15K – Dec. 4, 2021


    • I’m doing a streak too. Not gonna make a big deal about until I get a couple of months under my belt.

      Good luck with the streak.

      One of my friends told me that they get two – a “fancy” one and one for the kids (ie for their “ugly” ornaments that they made in school). Santa does NOT have time to put gifts under TWO trees per house. 🤪

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  1. All of our trees are artificial. We have one main tree in the living room decorated in gold, copper, white and blue (to match our house colors) , 4 pencil trees decorated in different themes (mermen, superheroes, peanuts, and personalized/gifted ornaments), a bear tree decorated in bear ornaments, and one pre-lit rainbow tree with no ornaments.


  2. Nice job getting the miles in! I hate running in the winter because of the wind. I swear it will feel fine when I step outside and even when I walk around a bit but the SECOND I start running it feels like a hurricane blowing through me.


  3. Winter running is tough too because 30* and no wind and sunny feels way different than 30* with wind and clouds.

    Running a 10k in Dec as part of the York Winter Series and that’s it for 2021! I am helping at a Girls on the Run 5k as well!


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