New Orleans Marathon Training Wk 0

Now that I’m finally coming off of my NYC Marathon high, it’s time to get back to business. Perhaps, in my case, I should have said that I’m coming off of my NYC Marathon drunk. 😉

You know what? It’s kinda funny that until last week’s marathon, I rarely wanted to purchase any post-marathon items – mainly because they are overpriced. Of course, I BS’d around, and all of the finisher gear items that I would like are sold out. In particular, I would like one of these finisher jackets. The only one that’s in my size looks like my poop when I eat too many collard greens or Saag Paneer. I have not had the latter in AGES; perhaps, a serving of Saag Paneer will be this week’s cheat meal.

Image courtesy of New Balance

On my way to New Orleans

By the time this entry is posted, I will have 82 days before New Orleans Marathon. I usually draft my entries the night before.

Right now, I am not going to go into too many details about my training because I like to do a recap after completing a training week. That said, I’ve already entered all of my training days into my personal calendar, which is half the battle for me.

Image courtesy of Run Rock n Roll

I have not decided on a marathon goal just yet, because I think it would better for me to get a couple of long runs under my belt before making any goals. Actually, I am a bit nervous about marathon training during the winter months. Y’all know that I do not like running in the cold. Then again, I do not like running in the heat either. Damned if I do; damned if I don’t. For some motivation for cold, early morning training runs, I should frame this quote and put it in a place where I will see it on a daily basis.

Although I do not like running in the cold that much (err at all), I do have a few races in between now and New Orleans Marathon that (hopefully) will keep me motivated. The upcoming races include a 4 miler (11/21), 15K (12/04), and a half marathon (1/23).

As a few may know, I attended Xavier University, which is right in the heart of New Orleans, and running Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon will be like a homecoming for me . . . especially since my college graduation (2002) was the last time that I was in New Orleans. At this point, I have booked my flight, but I’m still debating in which area to stay. Before booking flights for an out-of-state marathon, could someone remind me to check if the race organizers have promotions with any airlines. While looking up the course’s map, I saw this on Rock n Roll’s website:

Actually, this would not have worked for me because Delta was the only airline that had direct flights from LaGaurdia Airport (NYC) to Louis Armstrong Airport (New Orleans). Actually, I think Spirt Airline had direct flights, but flying Spirit would be a hell to the no for me.

Pretty much everyone who has run New Orleans Marathon said that the course is nice and flat. I guess that makes sense because I do not remember many hills while I was in college. Remember: I was on my college’s cross country team for about two weeks during my freshman year. Because of the humidity, practice started around 5am . . . another hell no.

Engagement with the running community

Some folks might know that I have been kind of on and off with participating in running groups. This time around, I think that I’m going to try to make more of an effort. It’s a bit tough for me because I’ve always considered myself more of an independent running (i.e. I run to get away from people). Currently, I am a full member of two groups – New York Front Runners and Harlem Runs. It’s kind of a shame that I do not attend more Harlem Runs events because group’s meetup point is less than a block from our apartment. In my slight defense, both groups have their training and fun runs in the evening, and I’m more of a morning runner. I would love to do evening runs, but work often gets in the way (I’m trying to work on my work/life balance). Since Harlem Runs have their runs on Monday evenings, I think that I’ll do my regular Monday morning runs and walk with the Harlem Runs walkers during the evening. Mondays are my work from home days, so I really have no excuse not to make the 7:30 pm runs . . . errr I mean walks.

Let’s see how long I will engage with these groups before I start complaining about the groups. 😉 Hey, at least I joined the FRNY’s social committee so that should allow me to interact with the group on a regular basis . . . I think.

Question of the day:

Which upcoming races are you looking forward to?

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  1. Another comment has disappeared – this happened to loads of blogs I commented on yesterday! I hear you on evening runs, I don’t like doing our club ones because they start just before 7 and I don’t get home till way after 8 which is awkward for eating and also calming down before bedtime. A good idea to slot some races in to help you structure your training!

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  2. I’m having some serious jealousy over you running in NOLA. I’ve never done a destination race but that one sounds so awesome. The course goes through parts of the city I didn’t get to see during my visit but runs past the hotel I stayed in on Decatur St!

    Under armour cold gear. It is the only way I can survive winter running. There is nothing comparable.

    Good job putting your runs into your calendar, I think that’ll help. I found during marathon training it helped every Sunday to view the week ahead and what runs I needed to get in. I compared them to my calendar so I could figure out which days would be tougher to schedule around than others. It definitely helped keep me organized and more motivated.


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