Food Pics of the Week

Now that it’s been about a week since NYC Marathon, I can get back to “normal” eating. This means returning to intermittent fasting and Beachbody’s 21-Day Fix program. Quick random observation: The night of finishing the marathon, I woke up at least 3 times to get something to eat. I do not think that has happened to me after any of the six marathons that I have completed.

LOL I updated the white cat vs the RHOBH cast member meme to reflect my post-marathon “culinary” celebration.

Ok before I get into the entry, I will admit that I am terrible with plating food.

Sweet & Sour Beef

While the recipe called for pork, I decided to go with beef as the main protein and supplemented the meal with brown rice and kale/tomato salad. I wanted to make cauliflower “rice”, but of course, I forgot to grab a cauliflower while shopping.

Sweet & Sour Beef Container Equivalents: 1 green (veggies), 0.5 purple (fruit), 1 red (protein), 1/2 yellow (carbs)

Rice Container Equivalents: 1.5 yellow (carbs)

Salad: 2 green (veggie)

I gotta say that this is my favorite recipe so far. It was filling, easy to prepare, and had a nice mix of flavors and colors. To be perfectly honest, I would not mind making a veggie version of this by adding mushrooms, carrots, and broccoli,

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  1. lol do not EAT ALL OF YOUR CALORIES back. I honestly do not think people burn as many calories running 26.2 as they may think. I prefer to drink them 🙂 hahaha I am only sort of kidding.

    Have a great weekend! Keep on celebrating that medal.

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