NYC Marathon Checklist

Ok, we are really down to the nitty-gritty. Let see what is done and what I need to do.

Done items:

-Pick up bib

A little GINspiration after picking up my bib.

-Buy clothing and materials for the start village

-Running music playlist

-Charged external batteries for phone

Need to do:

Pick up a few trashbags

Pick up a throwaway book for the start village

Prepare start village bag

Prepare drop off bag (change of clothes, deodorant, Dude Wipes, external battery)

Schedule Uber to Staten Island Ferry. Actually, the subway commute is more or less the same as a car. I think that I’ll play this by ear. Actually (part II), I’ll schedule the Uber bc I can always cancel if need be.

-Prepare breakfast(s) – one for the apt; the other for the start village

Question of the Day:

Am I forgetting anything for this weekend’s marathon?


    • I’m kicking myself because I did not try taking Immodium AD during any of my long runs. During this training season, I’ve noticed that I have to poop after running 13-15 miles.


      • Oh gosh that’s frustrating. I couldn’t poop at all the morning of my last half marathon which is very unusual for me and worried it might affect my race but it didn’t. I didn’t go until later that night, I think the race constipated me honestly as my schedule was off the rest of the week!

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  1. Oh, I posted and it’s vanished! You have got this! And my Spanish sentence-a-day calendar just told me it was New York City Marathon this weekend so that’s a nice little boost! Go go go!


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