(Fake) Food Pics of the Week

Since I have started this BeachBody 21-Day Fix program (link to the entry, ***) I have a feeling that a lot of my upcoming food pics of the week will be from Meal Prep Fridays. I know most folks like to meal prep for the week on Sunday, but I prefer not doing a single thing on Sundays. Let me take that back because my last statement makes me seem lazy. For the next couple of months, I will be doing the following on Sundays:

  • Teaching my Gen. Biology sections (Saturday & Sunday). Class is from 12:30 to 3 pm, and I have office hours from 3 to 4 pm.
  • Running or recovering from my marathon training longruns.

In addition to those two things, I notice that I get frustrated very easily while cooking. Maybe some of you might remember last year’s Thanksgiving cheesecake meltdown (link to the entry: ***). I think it’s time for the hubby and me to move to another place with a larger kitchen because there just is not enough counter space in our current apartment – stupid prewar buildings ;). After living in NYC for about 20 years, I guess that I’m still spoiled from my suburban upbringing (e.g. houses with actual kitchens + plenty of counter space) in Virginia.

Ok, so this is a “fake pics of the week” entry because I completely forgot to take pictures of things that I made for Meal Prep Fridays.

For this 21-day Fix program, I pretty much plan on making meals from Beachbody on Demand’s website (link: ***). Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Apple Casserole

Container equivalents: 0.5 purple (fruit); 0.5 red (protein); 1 yellow (carbs)

The folks at Beachbody did not call it a casserole, but I will. Overall, this was a very delicious meal. It might have been too delicious because the hubby ate a lot of it. As a matter of fact, I had to make another batch because there was not enough to last me/us for the rest of the week.

Apple Crisp

Container equivalents: 1 purple (fruit); 0.5 yellow (carbs); 0.5 blue (healthy fats)

Ok, I think the recipe might be off for this one because the oats and nut mixture did not top the entire baking dish. You know, the thing that puts the crisp in the Apple Crisp. That said, it was a pretty good treat. While this is labeled as a dessert, I think this could totally work for breakfast. Instead of using maple syrup (I thought we had some in the apt), I went with honey.

Apple Cinnamon Protein Pancake

Container equivalents: 0.5 purple (fruit); 0.5 (protein); 1/2 yellow (carbs)

I made this last week and fell in love with it. Since I (try my hardest to) intermittent fast during the week, I will use these guys to break the fast. I pretty much made a large batch of 18 pancakes and divided them between the fridge and freeze. To be perfectly honest, they taste a bit better once they have been refrigerated for a couple of days – I guess the apple and cinnamon have a chance to get all mixed up. Random thought: I wonder about the effect refrigeration has on the protein power’s stability.

As one may tell, I was really craving apples.

Question of the Day:

What was the last yummy dish that you have made?

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  1. That casserole looks good! I tried a new recipe tonight that turned out well – pasta fazoolander – it was a soup rather than a pasta dish in case you’ve never heard of it (I hadn’t).

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    • It looks like something I’ve had before, but it was named differently . . . I think. When I Googled it, a recipe came up with the following title: So Good You’ll Want to Take Off Your Underwear Without Removing Your Pants! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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