Random Thursday Thoughts – NYC Marathon Edition

We’re getting so close to NYC Marathon Sunday. I’m excited, nervous, scared, anxious, and annoyed. πŸ˜‰

-The NYC Marathon celebrity runner list has been posted. (Link: ***). It seems like there are a lot of folks from the Bachelor/Bachelorette universe running this thing.

-I’m getting kind of annoyed with all of the complainers . . . as I complain about the complainers. Now, some folks are going off about how small the expo is going to be or why we have to drop off our bags 1-2 days before the marathon. Don’t folks realize that we are still dealing with a pandemic?

-A smaller expo is actually kind of perfect for me since I’m a get in, grab my bib, and bounce kind of guy. Also, I HATE being around a bunch of people. πŸ˜‰ Besides my bib and race materials, all I need from the expo is to pick up some GUs (I’ve already purchased a box of those), grab a pacing wristband, and take a picture similiar to this:

-I think TCS and NYRR did a great job with the NYC Marathon app. Let’s see if the runner tracking component of the app will be accurate on marathon Sunday.

-I think that I’m taking it a bit too easy with my tapering because I have not done any running. However, I have been doing HIIT workouts and nightly stretching with foam rolling.

-That said, I’m planning on running the last 10 miles of the marathon course this weekend. So that’s something, I think. It might be nice to get a taste of running a portion of the course with other people.

-Since this marathon will be a run just to finish the marathon. I think that I’m going to run the 1st half “strong” and walk for 0.1 – 0.2 miles every two miles. I’ll get really serious about training for New Orleans Marathon in February. I think I say that everytime I train for a marathon. Oh, I probably should start looking into travel plans.

-(Non-marathon related): I need to start looking into travel plans to Virginia for either Thanksgiving or Christmas.

-Also, I plan to walk the incline of all the bridges on the course. Yup, I’m setting my sights really high for this marathon. πŸ˜‰

-Some cool pictures over 51 years of NYC Marathon – Link: ***.

Random Question(s):

-What’s your favorite post marathon or half marathon feeding? I’m thinking that I am going to have a seafood feast after finishing (hopefully) NYC Marathon.

-What are your must haves before, during, or after running a marathon? Much to the annoyance of some folks in my FB running groups, I need my music.

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  1. Oopsie, hit return. But you have. I didn’t realise my favourite refuel is Pizza Express dough balls and pizza and I went a bit weird when I couldn’t get that in Reykjavik! Ha! So I just had pasta and tomato sauce and was fine. Oh, and you have got this.


  2. good luck! so exciting! must haves: i must have music. unfortunately my airpods died at mile 16 in chicago and so did my hopes of a fast finish! favorite post race, steak dinner. last few races i have flown home same day after the race, need to stay the extra day next time and make sure i get my post-race feast on!


    • I’m the same with my tunes. Just because of battery power, I do not trust airpods (or anything that relies on my phone’s Bluetooth). In fact, I bring an extra pair of earphones for full or half-marathons just in case my earphones “go bad” (eg. sound in only one ear).

      Steak dinners are always nice. I felt so ashame after my 1st marathon because I asked the restaurant if they could cut my steak into 4-6 chunks before bringing it out. I was THAT tired and starving. I also ate an entire apple right after that marathon. By entire, I mean the core and seeds.

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  3. Good luck! I only ran one marathon so far but I know become dependent upon honey stinger gels for any runs over 10 miles. I also love and crave breakfast foods after long runs. Jason and I joke it’s “second breakfast” (LOTR nerd here) and I especially love when he’s the one making it!

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    • Ok, Pippin. πŸ˜‰

      Nothing wrong with second, third, or fouth breakfast. A feeding is a feeding. πŸ˜‰ I get having second breakfast after long run especially when you have to wake up super early to do a long run or half/full marathon. Can’t really have a Grand Slam Breakfast prior to running long distances.

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