Random Thoughts Thursday

Getting my fitness life together edition. For a while, I was doing various activities to maintain my general fitness wellbeing; however, most of these have fallen by the wayside. This is a list to get me back on track . . . hopefully.

-Really get into my 21-day fix program. I kind of had some set backs this week with this plan because my biggest problem is late-night snacking. Although my eating plan has been a little bit of a struggle, I have not been “happy houring” as much.

-Foam roll and stretch EVERY night.

-Revisit my plank and pushup challenge. At one point, I was up to 2.5 min planks. Now, I probably would not be able to hold a plank for more than 15 seconds. Ok, I’m lying . . . I probably would not be able to hold a plank for more than 10 seconds 😉

-I have noticed soreness in my hip flexors especially while doing Insanity. I realized that I rarely use my standing desk set up in my office. Going forward, I want to use the standing feature for at least 10 minutes every hours.

-Stop/reducing smoking. One trick – actually use the stairs in my office building. Since my office is on the 12th floor, I will probably smoke less cigs during working hours knowing that I have to climb up 12 flights of stairs . . . in a mask.

-Start (re)engaging with my running groups. I cannot remember the last time I attended a running event with any of my three running groups. Hell . . . one of them (Run and Chug) is associated with drinking beer. This past weekend, one group even ran the last 20 miles the NYC Marathon route and provided water stations. Then again, I teach on Sat and Sun so I would not been able to participate in that event.

-Take better care of my crusty feet. While I soak and scrape my feet on a near weekly basis, I have not been applying my foot cream on a daily basis.


-Start doing Yoga on a daily basis.

-Return to doing some sort of workout (Insanity or Cardio Boxing) during my lunch hour.

-Prepare my lunch and lay out my workout clothes for the next day as soon as I arrive home from work.

While this is a long laundry list of items, I think most can be accomplished; it’s just a question of better time management.

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What random things have you been doing to maintain your physical wellbeing?

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  1. This week (and last) have been a time to regroup for me as well. a bit of post-marathon depression. But, just signed up for some halfs (halves?) so that will fix things! good luck on your NYC! and fitness goals! i use this app called ‘Done’ you can set up any goals u want, daily or 3 x week or any timeframe and then check them off. i have found it helpful

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    • Yeah. I always wonder if it is halfs or halves. I guess it would be halfs since it’s an abbreviation for half marathon. Who knows?

      Oh, running over to Apple’s App Store to look into the Done app. That said, sometimes, I feel like all of theses apps (running, fitness, nutrition, work productivity, etc.) have taken over my life.

      Looking forward to reading about your upcoming races.


  2. Well since my fall I’ve only left the house once (my husband took me for a walk today as I was getting funny about going out: I saw the paths in my local park and was horrified I would run on them. Hm.) and I can’t do yoga or most stretches because my palms, right hand, right shoulder and left knee are still messed up, so no advice from here apart from you can do it!!


  3. Might I suggest not doing foam rolling and yoga everyday? I’m just saying it from a time saving standpoint to do one each day if you’re motivated enough (I never am hence I just make sure to foam roll any day I run) to do it daily. I try to do yoga the day after a run, doesn’t always happen but that’s more due to my love hate relationship with it.

    I think all your other goals are really good!

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