Random Thoughts Thursday

-My calves are sore.

-I would like to do at least 15 min of foam rolling everyday. Wasn’t I supposed to do yoga 3-5 times a week?

-LOL @ me in avitar form

-Well damn, I guess someone told Airbnb that Turin, Italy will be the host city for Eurovision 2022. Left: prices the week after Eurovision; Right: prices during Eurovision.

-If (and that’s a big IF) the hubby and I go to Italy for Eurovision, we’ll just watch the show in some bar in Rome. Ain’t nobody trying to pay $500+/night to stay in Turin. I mean, I like Eurovision, but I do not like Eurovision THAT damn much.

-Only 24 days until NYC Marathon Sunday!!!! The nerves are definitely setting in.

-Looks like Marathonfoto is already selling NYC Marathon photo packages. What this means is that NYC runners can see their bib numbers. I guess Marathonfoto is team “times are rough and the rent is due”. 😉

-I’m thinking about going crrrrrazy for my post NYC Marathon dinner. How about some Red Lobster? 😉

-Perhaps, I’m jumping the gun, but I have put my Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon (Feb. 6) training schedule in my calendar.

-Speaking of Rock n Roll, I hope they announce the dates for the half and full marathons in Medellín, Cancún, Toluca City, and Mexico City soon.

-In LOL news from (Running on Fumes) – Turkey: ‘Missing’ man joins search party looking for himself. I’m glad that he was able to find himself.

Any random thoughts or questions bouncing around in your head?

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  1. I’m patiently waiting for your RnR NOLA recap, as well as what’s decided on the half and full for OCONUS races. As soon as I see the email, I’ll be thinking of you!

    It really was funny about the search party man. So happy he (located himself), but still!!


  2. I committed to foam rolling every evening on a day I run and for the most part have been able to stick to it. I usually will do it in the evening while watching tv. My hip flexors thank me for it. The past few months my mobility and yoga workouts have seriously lagged. I don’t know why I can commit to 3 runs a week yet the thought of 30 mins of yoga seems like so much effort to complete.

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