NYC Marathon Training Recap – Week #13

Planned Miles: 30 (Completed Miles: 21)

I think that I’m getting to the point of being over training for this marathon. This usually happens when I start doing 13+ mile long runs. It looks like we have a little less than 50 days remaining for NYC Marathon 2021.

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Overall, I think that I have been quite distracted, which has taken me out of training for this thing. Lately, it seems as if there is never enough time to do everything. Eh. I guess this is life in general.

My biggest annoyance of this week was not completing my 19 mile long run; instead, I ran “only” 14 miles. I had a couple of issues with this long run:

  • I did not properly plan my long-run breakfast. I wanted to wake up around 4/5 am, eat, and have enough time for my food to digest before running. Unfortunately, I did not wake up very early and ended up starting my run around 9 am. I had a few stomach cramps during the run.
  • Also, I picked a horrible route. Just for something different, I decided to run on Randall’s Island but forgot that the island does not have much shade. While the weather was not SUPER hot, most of my run was in direct sunlight so I felt like I was overheating.
  • Enough excuses . . . At the end of it all, I just was not mentally engaged in the long run.
  • The other piece taking me out of the long-run: I teach a college course virtually on Saturdays and Sundays so I kept worrying over finishing my run with enough time to mentally get ready for my class.

I think that I’m getting to the point where I’m like: “it is what it” is for this marathon training.

During my long run, I ran across the RFK bridge from Randall’s Island to Astoria, Queens. While I have crossed this bridge multiple times, both on foot and bicycle, in the past I had a huge case of the scaries during my long run.

Taking a quick pic on the RFK Bridge

For a section of the RFK Bridge, the barrier that keeps you from falling over is little more than waist high (for reference, I’m 5’10”). Lately, I noticed that I feel a little iffy while crossing this portion of the bridge for a few reasons. 1) What happens if a cyclist is riding too fast, loses control, and knocks me off of the bridge and into the river? 2) What happens if a nut is walking on the bridge and decides to push me over? 3) What if a huge gust of wind pushes me over? In all three cases, the fall into the East River is about 135 feet. Perhaps, I am being paranoid for no reason. For instance, I do not think that I have heard of anyone falling off of this bridge in the past few years

Every marathon season, I learn something about myself. This training season, I’ve learned that I should NOT drink apple juice directly after a long run. Within 5 minutes of having my apple juice while recovering at home, my stomach was like Whoopi Goldberg’s character in Ghost.

Once on the toilet, let’s just say that I did not know if I was taking a dump or pissing out of my butthole. For a few hours, I was in constant fear of accidently sharting on myself.

Once I got my GI crap (no pun) under control, I met the hubby and a friend at 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar for a few adult beverages.

Although the summer season may be technically over, there’s nothing wrong with having a big ass pouch of frosé. Y’all know that I like a nice slushie after a long run.

Hopefully, I will have a more positive update next weekend because I’ll be updating from Madrid, Spain. Yup, we are a few days away from EDP Rock n Roll Madrid half and full marathon. Keeping my fingers cross that everything will go well.

Oh, I gotta say that the folks at EDP/Rock n Roll are not playing around because I received a FIFTY-page PDF with information about the race weekend. I guess that I’ll have some interesting reading during the trans Atlantic flight. 😉 Actually, I guess the length is not that bad because the booklet is in English and Spain.

Questions of the day:

Does something scare you now that did not a few years ago? One of my friends who has a couple of kids told me that she now fears flying because what happens if the plane crashes. In fact, she and her husband takes separate flights when they travel because if one of them dies in a plane crash then their two kids will not be orphaned.

Before doing 13+ mile runs, how many hours do you eat before the run?

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  1. Fears: I would be in the same position you are with bridge running. Damn anxiety can be really controlling.
    Running: you’re killing it out there. I love reading your posts because they’re funny AND you keep us updated so well!
    Apple juice: let’s just say, we’ve all experienced things either before/during/after training we never want to repeat again! I try my best to eat at least an hour before a long run but sometimes I suck at it…then I pay for it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. For that bridge run, I was so close to turning back around. Also, when I made it across the bridge, I really had to consider if I was going to run back across or take the bus.

    With eating, I never seem to get it right. Sometimes, I’ll eat too much and cramp up. Other times, I do not eat enough and have to suck down a GU within my first 2 miles. Damned if you; damned if you don’t.


  3. That bridge likely would’ve freaked me out too! I wouldn’t say it’s a fear but my anxiety of driving on busy and/or multi lanw highways has definitely increased over the years. In college I used to shoot down 83 to Towson to visit my boyfriend no problem but now 83 especially north towards Harrisburg raises my anxiety.

    I usually eat an hour to an hour and a half before a long run. Normally it’s oatmeal or cream of wheat plus a piece of toast. I would actually prefer to run with a slightly full stomach than a hungry/empty one as I find that makes me feel crappier.

    Have fun and good luck in Spain!


  4. my husband and i have taken separate flights the last (only ?) two trips we have taken without the kids! but yet we drive together in the car which is more risky per statistics?

    I would be real nervous to cross that bridge, the railing seems super low! i was almost run off the road by some cyclists a few years ago on a bridge over the harbor, but the drop was only 10 feet so if i had to jump overboard it would have been ok 😉


  5. I’m not sure I’d fancy that bridge. I have a fear of getting flipped into the canal by a cyclist / horrible person and that does happen quite a lot so I only go with company.

    19 miles 50 days out does seem quite long, I think I do mine of that about a month out although not sure. I am the queen of overtraining however so don’t listen to me! Having to dial it back now.

    I have to leave a gap of 2 hours plus between eating and running (doesn’t matter what distance). The time I ran after lunch, though, on a long training run, I had to dash to my friend’s house and desecrate her bathroom. So embarrassing. Only time I’ve been in her house!! I am weird in that up to 13 miles I will happily eat a main hot meal after, 14+ I have to have a series of snacks then a meal in the evening.

    Good luck on your Spanish trip, wave to the UK as you go south of us!


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