Random Thoughts Thursday

-I really need to schedule a podiatrist appointment to deal with my right foot’s heloma molle (soft corn).

-I did not mean to take a four-day break from running; it just kinda sorta happened.

-This was my mood when thinking about running in the rain today. It’s the thought that counts, right?

-Another Simpsons meme showing how I deal with races. 😉

-This is the time of year when parents post 1st Day of School pics. Why don’t we ever see 1st Day of SUMMER School pics? 😉

-Professionally, I am lost. 😦

-I’m really craving seafood . . . I guess that I did not get enough while in Va. Beach.

-Weirdness at the Waffle House during my Va Beach visit. Since the hubby could not travel to Va trip because of work, he wanted me bring him a coffee mug as a souvenir. The waitress told me that coffee mugs were $5, and I requested two mugs. Ok, I’m thinking that they would come in some sort of box.

Waitress (who’s name was “Ineeda”): Here are the mugs (wrapped in a paper towel). I ran them through the dishwasher again, but make sure that you soak them in bleach before using them.

*I guess these mugs previously had been used by customers*

Me (thinking while drinking my coffee): Did anyone bleach the mug that I’m currently using?!!!

-At least the mugs made it back to NYC without any noticeable damage. Yes, we soaked the mugs in bleach before using them.

-Already missing my Hampton Roads sunsets

-59 days to NYC Marathon 2021!!! Ack!

-Still keeping my fingers crossed for no travel bans to the EU (more specifically, Spain).

-I really hope that I have a dry pair of socks in my (real) office because my shoes and socks are still wet from this morning’s rain.

What randomness are y’all thinking about?

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  1. Beach sunsets…the one I saw down in Padre a few weeks ago was absolutely amazing. I didn’t realize how much I missed having my feet in the sand also. Last time before that I had been on the beach was when I ran 50 miles and won top female (humblebrag). So it was nice to go to the beach to NOT DO THAT. haha.

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