Food Pics of the Week

Panca (***)

92 7th Ave S New York, NY 10014

Earlier this week, the hubby and I were feeling fishy. Since Astoria Seafood Market, our regular go-to fish place, is closed we decided to get some ceviche. Our normal seafood place typically shuts down for about a month near the end of the summer. I guess the owners go back to Greece for vacation or something like that.

I love, Love, LOVE ceviche. I remember eating ceviche about 3-5 times a day when I was vacationing in Máncora, Perú. I was fiending so hard for ceviche that I even ordered some in Lima’s airport before flying back to the US. BTW, airport ceviche is not a great idea.

Papa a la Huancaina

Ceviche Mixto

Tiradito Mixto

Lomo Saltado

Pisco Sour de Maracuyá

Once again, I love, Love, LOVE maracuyá (passion fruit). Maracuyá was my crack back when I was studying abroad in Ecuador.

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