Random Thought Thursdays

-Let’s see if I’ll actually make it to Spain for Madrid’s Half Marathon and to visit the in-laws.

Image courtesy of CNN.com

Right now, the restriction are for unvaccinated folks (I think), but we all know the EU can change this whenever they want to. Of course, we received this news a couple of days after we secured our Madrid and Barcelona accommodations.

-Holey Moley! Look how late some of the NYC Marathon waves are going to start. I guess that I should pack a headlamp because I’m going to finish in dark. It looks like I’ll be in wave 4, which starts at 11:20 am.

-Perhaps, I start some of my 18+ mi long runs later in the day so I can get used to a late start.

-Speaking of NYC Marathon: This week, NYRR has requested that folks select their options for transportation (bus or ferry), bag check (yes or no), and bib pickup. Why is it everytime I mention that I’m doing bag check, someone always have to give me the “poncho is better” or “the walk for picking up your baggage is long”? Thanks, but this is not my first time at the NYC Marathon rodeo. Honestly, I like checking my baggage because I really like changing into a different set of clothes before getting my post-marathon steak dinner and cocktails.

-Hell yeah. Last semester’s students liked me. . . They really, REALLY liked me.

-Some of y’all might remember that I was very concerned with teaching a virtual biology laboratory course. But my last semester’s student evals for my section look pretty awesome . . . I performed better than the other sections for the course and other courses offered in the department.

-It’s been real, Eurovision 2021. . . see y’all in May in Italy.

-It’s always something in NYC.

-What are your random thoughts?

-Ooooooohhhh. NYC Marathon’s medal has been released. Hopefully, I will have one around my neck in 66 days (11/07/21).

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  1. Madrid is amazing; I hope you get to visit. It’s on my “Go back to visit” list, for sure. As for your distances, I’m still in awe of it. Wow. My 2-mile run last night was about all I could do (although, to be fair, it was after weightlifting which was pretty brutal).


    • The food alone will keep me returning to Madrid. For our upcoming trip (fingers crossed), we going to check out Barcelona for a few days. Unfortunately, it rained constantly during our last trip to Madrid. 😦 Perú, especially the Pacific coast portion, is top on my ‘go back to visit’ list.

      Now that I have been doing a bit more HIIT, I might reduce some of my planned distances.

      Have a great Labor Day weekend.

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    • We’ll see 🤞🏿. However daylight savings time will end early in the AM on Marathon Sunday so it will get darker sooner in the day. While the wave may start at 11:30, covid procedures might prevent us from starting right at 11:30. For previous NYC marathons (in the absence of a pandemic), I usually crossed the start line 35-45 minutes after the wave officially starter.

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