Food Pics of the Week

El Encanto de Lola 2 (***)

175 Lenox Ave, New York, NY 10026 (Harlem)

Random thought: I wonder where El Encanto de Lola 1 is located?

The other day, I had an intense craving for Taco Tuesday too bad it was a Wednesday when I experienced the craving. Typical dollar short, day late Kwame. Since NYC had a bit of a heat wave this week, I really considered ordering delivery for my taco lunch . . . from a restaurant that is 1.5 blocks from my apt. NYC living, I guess. That said, I mustered up the strength and “braved” the heat and walked the 1.5 blocks to the restaurant.

Baja Fish Tacos

The restaurant’s fish tacos are my go to plato.

Of course, you cannot have tacos without a margarita?

Since I would consider myself a regular at El Encanto, the waitstaff knows that I like my JUMBO margaritas. However, I ordered a regular sized margarita, but my waiter brought a jumbo one anyway. More bounce to the ounce.

Happy Fri-yay, y’all!

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    • Eh, I’m teaching an undergrad bio course this semester. To make it worse, the college gave me two sections (normally I teach only one a semester) that will meet on Sat and Sun afternoons. I guess I will not be fun weekend brunching until the middle of December when the semester ends.

      You have a nice weekend too. Hopefully, you’ll find a nice margarita spot. 🙂

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