Random Thoughts Thursdays

Since I did not have much to write about for a full NYC Marathon Training Recap, I’ll just make some random thoughts regarding last week’s training. I guess that would make these regular, not random, thoughts

-While I did all of my weekday training runs, I was unable to complete my 17 mile longrun over the weekend. 😦

-I need more beach days to even out my complexion. Our trip to Puerto Rico over Memorial Day Weekend was the last time I spent any substantial time at the beach.

-A pic from my ‘trip’ to Jacob Riis Beach. Actually, it was not THAT dark as indicted in the picture.

-This is one of my common tanks that I wear while running during the hot a** summer.

-This is what happened over the summer.

-As a “junior”, this meme took me out.

-Wait, my newish Brooks already have holes in them? I just got them in April!!! I’m going to go back to New Balance for my next pair.

-This week I am proud of myself for getting to bed by 10 – 11 pm, eating a little better, and preparing my running clothes and other crap the next before.

Questions of the Day:

-How bad are your tan lines from summer running or summer in general?

-What’s good on TV/streaming apps these days?

-What are your random thoughts?

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  1. I have my typical runner’s tan – socks, watch mark, tshirt – fortunately I haven’t had any call to go anywhere in a summer dress so I’ve got away with it! I tan horribly easily (that Spanish / North African heritage) so I never avoid some weird lines and stuff. It’s cooling down here and we’re getting an early autumn so that won’t be an issue now …


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