Food Pics of the Week

Calle Dao (***)

461 West 23rd Street, NY (Chelsea), NY 10011

Simple pic of the week this time around because I forgot to take a decent picture once I started eating my main dish. In my defense, I was STARVING because the hubby and I went to brunch shortly after I did an 11-mile run.

Calle Dao, an Asian-Latin fusion spot, is one of my go-to spots for brunch. The restaurant has an unlimited 90-minute brunch, and the food is pretty decent. While some bottomless brunch spots keep the brunch cocktails flowing, they kind of struggle with the food. In my opinion, Calle Dao excels at both.

Cuban Sandwich Spring Rolls

The lone food picture from brunch. 😦

Not your ordinary brunch spot with only Bloody Marys and mimosas for brunch cocktails. Calle Dao has a wide array of brunch cocktails to kickoff weekend vibes. My cocktails from this adventure are the ones highlighted in yellow. Because I’m cognizant of my booze calories, I get my mojitos and caipirinhas without sugar and request Diet Coke (instead of regular) Coke for my Cuba Libres.

LOL at the waitress’s face when I ordered my “special” mojito. Soooo, you just want a glass of rum with mint leaves and lime juice? YUP!

Enjoying a simple sangria

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