Random Thought Thursdays

-I need to take pictures of things that I eat. Possible TMI: The other day, I had a slice of red velvet cake for dinner (bad, I know). I noticed that my morning poop the following day was a very weird brownish red color. I kinda freaked out thinking I had some internal bleeding. Then, I was like Oh, DUH! The food dye from the cake made my poop that weird color.

-We’re getting close to Madrid’s half marathon. Technically, less than 40 días.

-I know the feeling, girlfriend.

-Um folks at Rock n Roll Virginia Beach, I would like alcohol in my beer after running 13.1 miles.

-I cannot with NYC today. That said, I do want to know more.

-I think that I’m at the age where I can no longer mix light and dark liquors anymore. 😉

-Not looking forward to my 17 mile long run in high 80 temps this weekend.

-Speaking of long runs, I think that I’m gonna try to incorporate four of the five (or is it six) major bridges crossing the East River – Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, and Queensboro Bridge. The last one is always a thorn in my side during NYC Marathon.

-Actually if it’s going to be hot this weekend, I probably should run in a well-shaded park.

-One cool thing about running 13+ miles, I always reward myself with a big ass Slurpie. Hey! Motivation is motivation.

-HA! According to Canva, a graphic design app, the brown background is the complexion of my skin. When selecting colors, the app can match colors of objects to colors in a photo.

-Speaking of complexions, I need a beach day to even out all of my crazy tan lines. Then again, I do not go shirtless much these days so I guess that it does not matter.

-Btw: Yesterday’s humidity wiped that pre run smirk right off of my face. I felt like I was swimming instead of running.

-I better plan a fun brunch this weekend. Starting on the 28th, I will teach a general biology lab course from 12:30 – 3 pm on Saturdays AND Sundays. Crap, make that till 4 pm because of my “office” hour. I guess that I will spend most of the weekend having Blackboard (a learning management system) induced meltdowns. I wonder if the chair that I mentioned earlier is available this weekend. I would not assault someone with the chair, I’d probably throw it against the wall.

-Damnit, I was hoping that the hubby and I could have one last Astoria Seafood (one of my favorite seafood spots in NYC) adventures before it’s summer vacation.

Random Question:

Do you have a running-related tatto?

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  1. Wow… those long runs really are amazing to me. Right now, a long run for me is 3 miles. Since I also do weight training before my runs, 3 miles is typically all I can do before getting worn out. My bike rides (on my rest days) tend to be longer, but for my runs, I can only dream of 5+ miles. Good job, man!!

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    • For me, longs runs are amazing before and after completing them. 😉 The funny thing is that sometimes (especially on humid days) a 3-5 mile run feels like a hellish long run.

      Have a great weekend.


  2. The Wednesday humidity was disgusting! I need to get my LR done either really early Saturday or today bc looks like we’re getting Hurricane action from Henri on Sunday.

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    • You are right. I have to be a good boy tonight and make sure that I lay out my running clothes and get to bed early so I can do the run tomorrow. I’m really not trying to run in the rain on Sunday.

      Good luck with your LR this weekend.


    • 18 miles . . . getting ready for a marathon?

      I wondered about the 21 thing for the 0.0 beer too. When I was younger, I remember grocery stores in Va (where the half marathon will be held) would card youngish looking folks when purchasing non alcohollic mixes for preparing margaritas, daiquiris, pina coladas. Perhaps, it has something to do with intent to drink real booze. Who knows?


      • running Chicago marathon (fingers crossed it goes off fine in person!) my blog is i think 1 full year out of date now haha maybe i’ll get to that update this weekend


  3. Humidity is torture lately, I felt spent after 6 miles yesterday morning.

    No tattoos here running related or otherwise. I’ve thought about it over the years but 1 – my “surface pain level tolerance” is pathetic. Give me a headache or stomach pain and I’ll tolerable it better than a paper cut. 2 – I am incredibly mole-y and given I already had 2 very minor melanoma spots removed I’m not sure I could find a mole-free spot to tattoo and won’t risk having a tattoo go over one.


    • I have two non-running tattoos on each shoulder. Over the past couple of years, I was thinking about getting small tattoos of my half marathon and full marathon routes. I brought up this question because the other day, I saw someone on the subway with a bunch of “13.1” and “26.2” tattoos on his legs. I did not ask the guy, but I assume each tattoo was for each half and full marathon completed.

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  4. Hope the long run has gone well and you’re OK in the big storm. I was going to get a tattoo after doing my first marathon, Reykjavik, some sort of rune, then I realised it might make me look like a white supremacist or something and that didn’t massively appeal, oddly enough!! In the end, I had a necklace made with a disc with each marathon’s city on it.


    • LOL the long run did NOT happen.

      I have a dodgy tattoo. I have a tat of cancer, my astrological sign; however, the tattoo looks more like a 69 than the sign. I debated getting it fixed by adding a crab to it since the “69” is supposed to represent the crab’s claws. Since the tat is on my shoulder and is hidden, I figured that it’s not worth crying over.


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