NYC Marathon Training Recap – Week #6

Planned Miles: 24 (Completed Miles: 22)

Boy oh boy, we are already in week #6 of this thing. Also, it looks like we are less than 100 days away from TCS NYC Marathon 2021.

100 days away from TCS NYC Marathon.


Overall, I think that I had a decent training week although my good week probably was due to the mid 70s F temperature. The major highlight of this week definitely was my long run, which was the first time that I’ve run double digits in a long time.

Long run route - 13 miles.

Originally, I told myself that I was going to run 10 miles, but around mile 9, I was like let’s see how much further I can go. Actually, if I had stopped at 10 miles, I would have had to take public transportation or a Citibike home. Well . . . it would have been the latter because I forgot my mask before starting the run. Although the map says 13 miles, I ran 12 and walked the rest of the way home.

While I ran pretty slow, this week’s long run confirms that I can run a half-marathon . . . now, I just need to work on running faster. I will admit that I had to walk a couple of times during the original 12 miles. 😦 Hey, Rome was not built in a day, and this weekend’s long run was a bit hilly.

Cross Training:

Last week, I kind of neglected cross training. I think that just need to get my schedule together. Actually, I probably need to stop staying up late and to watch the Olympics and Deadly Women because I do not wake up early enough to do my morning workouts.

This week’s pet peeve:

Restaurants with crappy service:

Ok, I know things are tough because of the pandemic so I have cut certain restaurants some slack. Honestly, before getting a table at a restaurant, I sometimes want to ask the folks at the restaurant: Are y’all going to be slow as hell today?

Goals for the Week:

-I know this goal has popped up on this thing a few times, but I’m going to have to start laying out my clothes (and packing my fitness bag) as soon as I get home from work.

-Running well for this week’s NYCRUNS Manhattan Ice Cream 10K race this weekend. Running this race will give me a change to finally visit Governors Island.

Questions of day:

-Has this ever happened to anyone?

-Have folk been actively watching this year’s Olympics? I think this is the 1st Olympics, beside Sydney, that I did not rush home to catch prime time action.

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  1. Nice run and wow a little hilly! I too have to get up and do some morning runs but I’m just not a morning person. So much so I did my long run on Sunday night 🤷🏼‍♀️ never mismatched my sneakers but I have packed my gym bag with no sneakers


    • Maybe too many hills bc I have some soreness in my legs. Here’s my thing, I’m kind of a morning person now (the hubby leaves around 6:30 am); however, I bullsh*t around the apt. Once I get my mind right for my run/workout, it’s already 9 something and time for work.

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