“Food” Pic of the Week

Casa de Kwablo (aka our place)

New York (Harlem), New York

I guess this is a fake out entry, but this week’s picture is a new protein supplement that I have been eating/drinking.

Picture of GNC's Lean Shake Green, a vegan protein supplement.

To supplement my intermittent fasting, I decided to have protein shakes for lunch instead of real food. I will admit this plan has been a bit hit and miss. As I mentioned in a previous entry, the hubby and I have been trying to do Whole 30 in between our birthdays (June 25 to July 26), which also has been has been hit or miss. We have Whole 30 dinners about 3-4 times a week so that something . . . I guess.

Ukrainian Christmas

Speaking of food, this scene from 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After cracks me the hell up. I think it’s her shrug at the end that has me LOL. In this scene, Jovi is a bit upset with Yara because she “kicked out” his family at 6 pm after their Ukrainian Christmas celebration. She asked the family to leave because she wanted to put the baby down. However, I think she really did this because she was annoyed with the family making negative comments about her caring for the baby and the Ukrainian food.

I might have to start incorporating Ukrainian Christmas (🇺🇦🌲) for events that the hubby and I host at Casa de Kwablo. Eat, enjoy the food, do not use a whole bunch of dishes, and bounce. 😉

Because I was intrigued, I looked up dishes that are typically served for Ukrainian Christmas celebrations, and nothing seemed that nasty (Link: What Do Ukrainians Eat for Christmas). That is unless Yara was going out of her way to serve Jovi’s family Ukrainian food that they would not like to up the drama factor.

For instance, Kutia (cooked with wheat, barley or rice and seasoned with grated poppy seeds, nuts, honey and nectar) sounds pretty nice.

Picture of Kutia, a Ukrainian dish serve during Christmas. Image from Natasha's Kitchen.
Image courtesy of Natasha’s Kitchen

After Christmas Eve, the dish was left overnight on the table so that the souls of the dead ancestors could also taste the treat.

The Culture Trip

Oh! And the ancestors get to have some . . . what fun!!!

Question of the Day:

What are folks up to this weekend? I think that I will have to work so I will not be able to have too much fun.

How do y’all handle work/life balance? For instance, are you like I do not work after 5/6 pm or over the weekends. This question comes from my Career Chaos post (Link: ***). Here’s my feeling: why put in extra time (nights and weekends) for a job where I see not positive/beneficial professional effects for me?

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One comment

  1. Yesterday my sister, bro in law, nephew and I (Jason was oncall/had to work) took my nan take out for lunch as we owed her a Christmas gift and with Covid didn’t get to take her out to eat like we normally would.

    Today we ran with our running group then went to see the Anthony Bourdain documentary Road Runner at the movie theater and got frozen yogurt after.

    As far as working weekends… Jason is oncall every so many weeks for 1 week at a time though really only gets calls that Saturday morning when the bank branches are open. He makes an extra $150 so it’s not too bad. I’m hourly and not allowed overtime so the only time I work on weekends is if I’m choosing to make up time missed during the week that I don’t want use PTO for. The same goes for evenings; I only work if it’s something to benefit me but I’m not expected to anyway. Nothing is important enough in my job that it couldn’t wait until the next morning.

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