Food Pic of the Week

Red Rooster (***)

310 Lenox Avenue, NY, NY 10027

Another weekend, another brunch. Believe it or not, we did NOT have bottomless brunch this time around. Which was good choice because this place does not have bottomless brunch.

Anytime someone visits Harlem, they always want to have a meal at Red Rooster Harlem, but I honestly do not get all of the hype surrounding this place . . . Lemme show the food pic before I get into hater mode.

Cornbread & Gravy with Chorizo, Fried Egg

Cornbread & Gravy with chorizo, fried egg from Red Roaster - Harlem.

I gotta say that this dish really did hit the spot. Honestly, I never would have considered eating cornbread and gravy for my brunch. BUT, the restaurant’s brunch menu was uuummmmmmm a bit lacking.

Red Roaster's brunch menu.

Wait a minute! Y’all have only three things on the brunch menu? FYI: There were more cocktails than the ones in the screenshot. I get that this is a fancy restaurant so one should not expect a menu with 20 different brunch and lunch items, but may we get a few more fun brunch items? I mean the owner, Marcus Samuelsson, did win the second season of Top Chef, and I’m sure that contestants from the show have to do some sort of innovative dish challenge.

Now time for hater mode:

-This has been my third time here, and I just do not get it. Maybe it’s not meant for me to ‘get’. Actually, this was my second time eating, the first visit was more of a cocktail visit. Yes, the food is good, but there other great (cheaper) places in the area. Sometimes, I think people say this place is SOOO AMAZING because everyone else says so. You know, the whole this cool person loves this “cool” restaurant, so I better say it’s cool too.

-Without a reservation, it can take 2-3 hours get a table. No restaurant is worth that long of a wait. During one trip to scope out the landscape for a table, I was told that I was in the line to put your name on the freaking waitlist. Immediately, I sent a text to my out of town guests telling them that we would NOT be dining at Red Rooster for brunch.

At the end of the day, I do not have anything against the place, but I guess it’s not my cup of tea in terms of what you get for your dollar and time. However, I will say that the cocktails are very fun and probably worth the price tag. Oh and I enjoyed the gospel choir that performed during our brunch. I wish that I had better seats for the show.

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  1. Never actually ate at RR because the prices seemed a bit much for what they offer but I love going there for drinks and small bites. Entertainment is always spot on. It is the place to see and be seen.

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