Random Thoughts Thursday

-Me thinking that I will stretch at home after a run.

-This week has been pretty awesome for running bc the temps were not super high. We know that this will change pretty soon.

-I think working from home (WFH) is a potential smoking trigger. While WFH is not super stressful, I think smoking served as a way to pass the time during slow parts of the day. Also, WFH gives me the “luxury” of working while smoking. Note: I did not have a smoke during my WFH days, but I just kind of put two and two together. At home, I can smoke indoors; whereas, I cannot smoke inside of my office. Also, my real office is on the 12th floor, and it takes FOREVER and a day to get to and from the street.

-Speaking of smoking. Seriously, what the hell, NYC Quits Program?

NYC Quit Kit to help me stop smoking.

-Did someone kick, sit on, and/or throw the NYC Quits Kit package before sending it to me? Also, I would prefer the nicoderm patches over the lozenges because the lozenges taste like pure evil with a hint of mint.

-This is acutally a great idea. Perhpas, I can try this out with some members of my running group.

Runyourstate.com's running tips for accountability.
Courtesy of Runyourstate.com

-Speaking of my running group(s), I need to attend more events. I know that I say this ALL THE TIME. Honestly, I will become super active and attend a few events. Then, I will skip a few events and end up missing activities for the next 3-4 months. I was doing pretty well with attending the beginners clinic organized by the FrontRunners NY, but I kind of fell of the wagon near the end of the program. I did sign up to attend the running group’s potlucks in a couple of weeks . . . so that’s something. I’m supposed to make strawberry cake – my last name fell in the dessert category.

-Maybe strawberry cake is not such a hot idea for a running group; I image that they would prefer healthier options. For example, olive oil cake and vegan dark chocolate were the other dessert items on the list.

-Oh this reminds me that I have to complete the survey for the clinic.

Random Questions of the Day:

-What age is too old for making new friends that could become more than acquaintances? For a while, I have been trying to expand my friendship circle, but these relationships do not seem to develop pass the superficial level. Maybe people just don’t like me or I scare them off; I have been told that I “look meaner” than I really am.

-Are you where you want to be professionally? I’ll keep it real and say that I do not think that I’m doing the most that I could/should be doing with my education and professional experience. Crap, I was supposed to write a post about this.

-A lighter question: What cool or fun item have you recently purchased to improve your fitness/training?

-The hubby’s bday is in 10 days, and I have no idea what to do for his day? Any bday suggestions for someone who is super laid back? I do know what I’m going to get him as a gift, but I’m at a loss of what to do on the day. Last month for my bday, we had a couples’ massage and had lunch at one of our favorite NYC spots. So I guess that idea is out. Since he’s off on Sundays and Mondays, maybe we can do an overnight trip somewhere outside of, but close to, NYC. Upstate NY, Philly, or someplace in Connecticut seems pretty manage. As a matter of fact, lemme see what’s going on in the Niagara Falls area of NY.

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  1. That accountability thing is good – my friend Sam has used it when she’s been doing her running rehab and I could only join her once a week. I have made good friends in my late 40s through the running club, ones that I will now socialise as well as run with. If that helps! Too hot here for much running (78 at the moment, I went out at 6am though) and that’s not as hot as you folks have got over there, I know!

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  2. I feel you on the lack of friends! The other summer we met neighbors a few blocks over who are a little older than us, have no kids and are fairly like minded. We had hoped a friendship would blossom to enable us another couple to hang out with but it’s never developed beyond talking when we see each other on walks.

    We don’t even want to talk about my career chaos… First a degree that amounted to nothing beyond a piece of paper then a personal trainer certification earned a few months before covid hit that I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing with.


    • I think that I remember you discussing this a couple of times. You two recently moved, and it’s been tough meeting folks in your new area. Did I get it right? Perhaps, there is still a chance with the couple.

      I’m sure the personal trainer certification will come in handy as things begin to open up. I know that I’m beyond ready to lose some of my COVID chunck and pandemic pounds.


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