NYC Marathon Training Recap – Week #3

Marathon Training

Marathon training has been a little touch and go this week. I think that I’m still trying to adjust with not smoking. Although I’m using nicoderm patches, I had some trouble with sleeping and with general motivation. For example, I woke up a couple of nights this week with my t-shirt completely drenched in sweat. I’m kind of having Pookie (but for nicotine, not crack) from New Jack City vibes.

For reference: New Jack City is a movie where an undercover narcotics team tries to take down a drug kingpin in NYC. The team uses Pookie, a former crack addict, to infiltrate the drug ring as an informant to get evidence (a major plot hole in the movie for me). Unfortunately, Pookie starts using again, is discovered by the cartel, and is murdered.

Now that I’ll be a week without cigarettes, I hope go get back to my training plan.

Some Motivation:

Besides, Madrid and NYC marathons, I have signed up for a couple more races. Maybe doing this will light the fire in my belly to get out and run. Also, it will help me burn off some fat from my belly. 😉

NYCRuns Ice Cream Social 10K

NYCRuns Manhattan Ice Cream Social

Fun! Running and ice cream. I think it will be a cool race because I have never visited Governors Island.

Map of New York City with a focus Governors Island.

Actually, I hope they have lactose free ice cream or popsicles. Now that I think about it, having ice cream after running 10K does not sound like that much fun.

Rock n Roll Va. Beach (Half Marathon):

Rock n Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon.

I forgot that I purchased a three-race pack from Rock n Roll race series so I decided to make my first selection and run Va. Beach’s half marathon. It will be kind of nice to run a race in my home state and home city. I have not run a race in Virginia since my high school cross country days back in the late 90s. Hopefully, it will not be hot or humid as hell during Labor Day Weekend.


I finally conquered this climb. In the past, I could ascend the wall but could not get down without hopping off the wall. Yes, I know that my form is horrible, but the wall has a very intense slant.

To improve on my technique, I signed up for a footwork lesson at my bouldering gym, and the class was just ooook. The instructor provided some nice tips, but he seemed very distracted. The instructor’s cousin was visiting the city, and he seemed more interested in catching up with his cousin than with teaching the class. I mean, I’m all for family reunions, but not when it’s on my dime. The cousin was also attending the class, but at one point the cousin was kind of over climbing about 30 minutes into the 90-minute class so the instructor became quite aloof. At one point, he was explaining some balancing technique when you scale the wall without using your hands. I asked if he could demonstrate how to do it because it was a new concept for me. He was like I cannot give you all the answers and started talking to his cousin again. Actually, writing this has gotten me all pissed off again. So after that I was done. I told him my arms were tired, thanked him for his time, and bounced. In his defense (slightly), he mentioned that he taught two other classes before my class. Buuuuuuut, that is kinda your job.

Whole 30ing:

The hubby and I took a small hiatus from Whole 30 because of the holiday weekend. But, we are going to get back on the Whole 30 train as soon as I finish my bacon, egg, cheese, avocado everything bagel.

I did manage to find a Whole 30 compliant (I think) protein powder.

The weird plan for my weight loss journey is trying not eating solid food for lunch. Typically, I will have a protein shake mixed with almond (or oat) milk for lunch or whenever I complete my 16-hr intermittent fast. That is . . . unless I’m craving sushi.

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  1. My husband has an oat shake for breakfast most mornings, though I can’t actually remember why (bad spouse points yet again). Very easy and quick to do. I really admire you doing the bouldering but that teacher has behaved awfully! Grr!

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    • Honestly, I though the gym was going to cancel the class because less than three people signed up. Perhaps, it would have been better if there were more people because it’s harder to half ass things when you have 5+ people watching.

      Liked by 1 person

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