Random Thoughts Thursday

-Insomnia race purchase. Why not run a race in my hometown since my high school cross country days (1998) was the last time that I ran a race in Va. Beach?

-So this kinda happened. Hopefully, I can stick with quitting the cancer sticks this time around.

KOS tries to quit smoking (again) with nicoderm patches.

-While the patches will help with the nicotine addition (fingers crossed), I will have to work on smoking-related activities. For example, I find that I tend to smoke when I’m bored and/or throwing back a few adult beverages.

-I really need to make some new running playlists. Since late May, I’ve pretty much been listening to music from Eurovision 2021. It has gotten so bad that I even downloaded the album from what would have been Eurovision 2020.

-No offense, but it was probably a good thing that Eurovision 2020 was canceled. Most of the 2021 entries were way better than 2020’s with the exception of Germany, the UK, and Denmark.

-Just as I’m getting over Post Eurovision Depression, this popped up in my Facebook feed.

Post Eurovision party at Phoenix Bar (NYC).

-Whole 30 is kicking my butt because you cannot eat ANYTHING. The other day I had a sashimi lunch (no sushi; you are not allow to have rice), but I could not have have soy sauce OR wasabi. 😦 Folks who know me, know that I LOVE wasabi. What’s the point of sushi/sashimi without wasabi?!

-I wonder how wasabi in coffee would taste? I think it would be DELICIOUS!!!

-That said, I do want to make these Whole30 “pancakes” (Recipe: ***).

Paleo friendly pancakes from Tasteslovely.com
Photo courtesy of Tastes Lovely.

-Although I’m not actively trying to lose weight (maybe that’s my problem), but I’m a bit annoyed that I did not lose a single pound during June.

-I really want to go swimming. Perhaps, I will take a day off and go to the beach sometime over the next couple of weeks. I have to do it on a weekday because I hate going to an NYC beach during the weekend.

-Although I always b*tch and complain about summer weather, I guess that I should be glad that I do not live in Jacobabad, Pakistan. Temperatures in Jacobabad can top 126F, and many homes do not have AC (Link: ***). Sometimes, you gotta remember that there is always someone who might have it worse than you.

Questions of the day:

-Which artists/songs get you in the mood for killing it during a workout?

-What randomness is going on in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Music: I’m weird. I listen to a lot of different stuff: Banks and Steelz (RZA and Paul Banks from Interpol), Dua Lipa, New Young Pony Club, Grimes, Interpol, The Wombats… and the list goes on. I make Spotify playlists for the gym and running. Heck, for my weightlifting, I have a YouTube playlist I watch on my TV in my gym.

    As for what’s going on here, I had skin removal and liposuction six weeks ago. I find out tomorrow from my doctor how much physical activity I can go back to. I’m hoping for running and light lifting. I need to get back on the road. It’s been a rough eight weeks without running (I stopped running two weeks before my surgery).


  2. No wasabi??? Noooo! I have been trying to cut down a bit on desserts etc. and have been wearing my Garmin watch all the time and looking at the idea of how many calories it thinks I can have (I know this is desperately inaccurate). No change. Ugh.

    Random thing today: on a 5.7 mile run we saw SEVEN random chairs. I quite often have runs where I spot themed things but that seemed excessive.

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