NYC Marathon Training Recap – Week #2

Since I had a bit of a family emergency last week, I did not log a whole bunch of miles. Then again, do I ever log a whole bunch of miles? I was supposed to run Front Runners NY’s annual LGBT Pride Run over the weekend, which would have been my first real race since March 2020, but I just had way too much on my mind. But, I guess there will be other races in the future. Speaking of future races, this reminds me that I have some unused race credits with NYCRuns.

Race credit from NYCRuns


Normally, I am not a fan of inspirational posts because I am a hater. However, I saw this IG post on someone’s feed, and it really touched me for some reason.

I think this message hit me because I saw it a couple of days before birthday, which was on Friday. You know that folks like to restart things on New Years and birthdays. To be honest (and slightly depressing), I have more years of life behind me than in front of me. According to the CDC, the average life expectancy for an African-American man born in 1980 is 63.1 years (Link to the study: ***).

What will I start today . . . or tomorrow?

Cancer sticks:

First things, first. I’m going to in a strong effort to stop smoking. As of today, I have a few smokes left, which should take me through the remainder of the day, and plan to use nicoderm patches to help in this effort. I had decent success with nicoderm patches in the past because I managed to stop smoking for about four years. Then again, I guess that I always attempt to stop smoking on or near my birthday. A Facebook post from last year.

Since I tried to quit cold turkey for that attempt, it obviously did not go so well, and dealing with a pandemic did not help much. With the exception of my morning (or post poop smoke), I tend to smoke out of boredom. Knowing me, I probably went to my sketchy bodega to buy my cheap cigarettes after writing that Facebook post. I typically buy cigarettes from this sketchy bodega because it sells cigarettes for $9 (cigarettes in NYC are about $15/16).

Eating Better:

Since there are about 30 days between my and the hubby’s birthday, we’re going to try Whole30 once again.

Whole30 Day Guide's book cover.

I’m going to admit that I will not follow the plan completely because I will have a drink or five over the next 30 days. Hey, the Fourth of July is only a few days away. I will say for the past few weeks, I have been doing a better job in watching what (and how much) I eat.

General Life:

More on this in another post because I need to get my thoughts together.

Marathon Training:

I will say that I’m looking forward to training for NYC’s Marathon. As some might know, I’m kind of doing an easy breezy training method by following a couch to marathon training plan. It looks like this week begins the second phase of the training plan – 5K to 10K.

Couch to Marathon training plan (5K to 10K) for NYC Marathon

Ugh, I’m not looking forward to this week’s high temperatures. But, no pain; no gain.

Heat wave in New York, NY.

Madrid Marathon:

The organizers of Madrid’s Marathon have rescheduled last year’s marathon for Sept. 26, 2021. It was originally scheduled in April last year, but it was canceled because . . . you know, COVID. The hubby and I are planning to go to Madrid, Santander, and Barcelona in September. Unfortunately, I cannot change my registration from a full marathon to a half-marathon because of capacity issues. BOOOOO! I’m not too sure that running two marathons within 1.5 months will be good for me. Madrid’s Marathon is Sept 26; and NYC’s is Nov. 7. I guess that I have a few options for Madrid:

  1. Run the marathon as a VERY easy long run. According to my training plan, my long run should be 16 – 18 miles during the week of Madrid’s Marathon. What’s 10 more miles? 😉
  2. Run 12-18 miles of the marathon’s course, take a subway to the city’s center, and take a DNF.
  3. Skip the marathon all together because I’m sure that I can find OTHER things to do in Madrid on Sept. 26. Fortunately, Madrid’s marathon (~$90) is pretty cheap compared to NYC’s ($255). To be perfectly honest, I was not THAT interested in running Madrid’s Marathon last year. I only registered for it because I did not win a spot of London’s Marathon, which was supposed to be held during the same week as Madrid’s marathon. Speaking of things to do in Madrid: I wonder if the restaurant that has 1 Euro mimosas is still around. 😉
EDP Madrid Marathon's course.

What to do? Or as they would say in Spain: Qué voy a hacer?

Questions of the day:

-Since everything starts at Day 1, what are you going to start today . . . or tomorrow?

-Which of the three Madrid Marathon options would you do?

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    • Dedos cruzados 🤞🏿. Estoy en la lista de espera por el medio maratón tal vez tendré un lugar en el 21km. Pienso que los organizadores nos notificarán en Augusto.

      Gracias por las felicidades.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I am going start eating better today or rather stop eating junk food that I’ve been eating while on vacation this past week. 4th of july is coming up but i usually try eat well during the week and allow a weekend ‘cheat day’. i hear you about Whole 30. i did it a few years ago now and it was hard but i did lose weight and felt awesome by the end of it. but it was restrictive, worst part for me was no dairy in my coffee and no sugar!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Junk food and late night eating are the thorns in my side. Lol, it was “painful” to throw away the remaining pieces of my birthday cake. I think that I’m gonna do a “modified” version of Whole 30.

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  2. Regarding the Madrid Marathon, I’d do the first option. You’re already registered, might as well do it. (I’m basically in the same situation with a marathon this fall.)

    And cigs are $15/pack in NYC? Shit! I haven’t bought a pack in years, but those prices would definitely be enough to make me quit! Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m leaning towards running and seeing what happens. I’m a little worried about injury since Madrid is ~1.5 mths before NYC.

      Lol. When NYC 1st raised the prices back in 03/04 (I think), my dad began sending me cartons from Va. Plus, there have been sketchy bodegas that sell smokes from VA, NC, and GA for about $10.


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