Food Pic of the Week

Casa de Kwablo (aka our place)

Harlem, NY

The other day, the hubby and I were feeling fishy (again) so he prepared a nice, little seafood treat for dinner. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get a pic of the big a** snapper that he prepared for our dinner.

Eating seafood (in particular, shellfish) is one of my favorite summer pastimes.

  1. Seafood is delicious . . . especially raw oysters.
  2. Prep is pretty simple if/when you know what you are doing.
  3. Also, prep does not make the house hot as hell.

Yelp’s Top Takeout in Each State

An interesting Yelp foodie post came through my Insta feed earlier this week. Below are the top takeout cuisines from the three states where I have resided. You can check out, which dish/cuisine is your state’s favorite using this link (***).

Virginia: My home state (1980 – 1998)

Virginia's top takeout cuisine according to Yelp.

I’m actually surprised that tacos are the most popular takeout in my mother state. Perhaps, the northern part of the state skewed the results. I would have assumed that the most popular takeout would have been something like Chinese food or Buffalo wings.

Random Virginia trivia: My birthday (June 25) falls on the same day that Virginia was admitted in to the Union (June 25, 1788). I think that I learned this trivia while eating at some diner that had all of this random Virginia information on the paper placemats. Actually, I probably learned (and forgot it) back in middle school when we took Virginia history.

Louisiana: My college years (1998-2002)

Louisiana's top takeout cuisine according to Yelp.

I was very surprised with this one. I have not been to Louisiana (more specifically, New Orleans) since graduating undergrad so I’m probably out of the culinary loop. Then again, as a broke college student, I was not really on the pulse of culinary trends in New Orleans/Louisiana. Outside of the gross student cafeteria, I think my college takeout experiences were Popeye’s, Chinese food, and Pizza Hut. Oh and when we wanted to be “fancy” after finishing a hard exam (I’m looking at you Organic and Physical Chemistry), it was Piccadilly  for dinner or the “nice” Chinese restaurant. Do not get me wrong, I did have authentic New Orleans food from time to time . . . usually at the end of the semester when I sold my books back to the bookstore.

Random thought: Do college bookstores still rip off students? I probably already know the answer to this question. Since I was a biology major and chemistry minor, my textbooks were ALWAYS super expensive. It’s “funny” having to buy a brand new textbook for like $350 and receiving only $50 – $100 after selling it back to the bookstore. I got wise to the game and started ordering books from, which had a cute slogan “Easy, Fast, and Cheap”. Nice double entendre, right. Also, the company alway sent a “free” gift with every order, and I still have and use bottle opener keychain. I’ve had that keychain for so long (about 22 years) that it is older than the legal drinking age. 😉

New York: (2002 – present)

New York's top takeout cuisine according to Yelp.

Cheese pizza (or pizza in general) is pretty much a no brainer for New York.

Hell, the even the rats in NYC love cheese pizza. Remember: NYC Pizza Rat?

Question of the Day:

Do you agree with Yelp’s top takeout for your state (link: ***)? If not, what do you think your state’s top takeout should be?

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