Random Thoughts Thursday

-Why is it so darn hard to cancel a gym membership? So much unnecessary back and forth. BTW: I’m not giving up on my fitness journey. However, it does not make sense to pay for a membership to New York Sports Club, when my bouldering gym has free weights and cardio equipment. Also, the bouldering gym does not remind me of a what would have been a casting call for HBO’s Oz.

-I case you do not know about HBO’s Oz is: “Oz is an American television drama series set at a fictional men’s prison created by Tom Fontana, who also wrote or co-wrote all of the series’s 56 episodes. “Oz” is the nickname for the Oswald State Correctional Facility, formerly Oswald State Penitentiary, a fictional level 4 maximum-security state prison.” (Source: Wikipedia)

-I think today was the first time that I ran outside in ages. But, I gotta start weening myself off of treadmill running. Since we still have to (or should) wear masks inside, I sweat out 3-5 masks during a treadmill run so I can run only about 45 minutes indoors before being unable to breathe through the sweat-soaked masks.

-Some serenity after this morning’s interval run.

KOS running in Central Park for NYC Marathon training.

-I thought taking a week off would reignite my motivation, but I’m still struggling to find some zest in my life. Well . . . mainly finding zest in my professional life.

-Hmmm, it’s time for an upgraded version of KOS Jr., Ph.D. (that’s me by the way). First thing maybe I’ll change the Jr. to the II. 😉 There, I’ve renamed myself KOS II, Ph.D.

-Besides changing the Jr to II, my upgraded self will involve standing up for myself more. Not that I have a problem saying what’s on mind, I think that I need to be a little less go with the flow regarding my professional life. *Perhaps, I’ll write another post explaining more of what I mean.*

-Sometimes, I think that I made a mistake leaving biomedical research and moving into administration in higher ed.

-I need to make a summer reading list because I have been watching WAY too much TV during this pandemic. Perhaps, the hubby and I should do a TV-free night every week. Last night, we actually watched 90 Day Finace: Pillow Talk, which is essentially watching some of the 90 Day Finace couples watching episodes of the same goddamn show.

-I have a birthday coming up in 15 days, but have no idea of how I want to celebrate it. Last year’s birthday does not count, right? Someone on the Wendy Williams show said that birthdays during a pandemic or incarceration do not count.

-As more in-person races begin to appear on New York Road Runners’ calendar, I’m somewhat conflicted to sign up for them. Mainly, because these IG posts from Rebuild NYRR keep popping up on my feed.

IG post from Rebuild NYRR (#rebuildnyrr).

-More info about Rebuild NYRR: “We, current and former NYRR employees, are appealing for your support. Inspired by friends and counterparts at other organizations working to dismantle institutional racism and oppression, a coalition of current and former NYRR employees are calling for the immediate resignation of Michael Capiraso, President and CEO of NYRR. We are also calling for the Board to commit to the implementation of policies that will level the playing field for all employees, especially those representing marginalized communities.”

-Speaking of NYRR:

Image showing that TCS NYC Marathon is only 5 months away.

-Did anyone see the solar eclipse this morning?

-Using free weights, how many reps should one do? Why is 10 the most common number for reps? Why not 9, 11, or 13?

-I hate when Asian restaurants assume that I cannot eat with chop sticks. Especially, places where I have eaten for YEARS!!! In case you are interested, I went with a Yellowtail Scallion Roll and an Eel Cucumber Roll for my lunch.

QuestionS of the Day:

Any summer or fall races on your calendar? I need some inspiration.

Are folks still doing virtual challenges/races? The previous question reminded me that I’m supposed to be logging miles for my NYCRuns 2021 challenge.

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  1. My dad’s official name is II even though coworkers called him “Jr” since his dad worked at the same place for years. My elementary school boyfriend was VI.

    Speaking as a personal trainer (who has the NASM certification but has yet to do any work in the field besides a bit with my track kids) I would say 10 is the most common number of reps because most people lift to gain strength and 10-12 reps is recommended for that. Up to 20 reps is primarily for endurance and 1-3 reps is for building power.

    I haven’t done any virtual challenges since the two winter ones ended in March. No scheduled races on my calendar yet. I’m still cautiously building the miles/intensity of runs since having some peroneal tendonitis post-marathon. I’m fairly certain I’ll be doing a 10k trail race in Sept. though.

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    • Oh wow a VI.

      Thanks for the info regarding reps; it makes sense.

      As of right now I have three on the calendar: 1. A pride run 5K this month. 2. Madrid marathon that I’m trying to switch to a half in sept. 3. NYC Marathon in Nov.

      Since I already have confirmed entry for NYC 2022 and don’t have to run NYRR races for guaranteed entry, I think that I’ll check out races from other non-NYRR organizations.

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  2. I got furious with my gym and in the end just cancelled my bank direct debit payment. They tried to come after me but I wrote several emails stating they are not covid-safe. They seem to be leaving me alone now …

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  3. Getting my Chicago marathon training started. lucky to have a treadmill in my basement so i haven’t been to the gym since March 2020 and i will probably never go back! seems all our local spring races have all moved to the fall so kinda bummed because i would run some now. Also every fall weekend there are 3+ races i would have liked to do. have some fomo but need to be selective and stick to the marathon plan.

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    • I noticed that a bunch of races (mainly half marathons) that were scheduled during spring 20 have been moved to this fall. Could you incorporate some of these fall half-marathons as long runs?

      I recently canceled my New York Sports Club membership because I joined a bouldering gym, which has a little free weights section. However, there is rarely more that 12 people when I visit . . .typically before 3 pm.

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      • yes 1 or 2 align to my marathon training in the fall, so i’ll maybe run those. in the past I’ve run a half and planned to add on 5 or so miles to match my training plan but with varying success. running extra before has it’s downsides and after i’m more likely to blow off the extra. 😉 it’s all good. glad racing is coming back for sure!


  4. I’m definitely having some feelings about supporting NYRR going forward; I’ve decided not to renew my membership and that the 2021 NYCM will be my only/last race from them for a while (and only one for 2021). I’m hoping to support more local tristate race companies especially those who do a better job concurrently working toward racial justice. There’s a similar reckoning among some of the local running clubs and crews! Lots to consider.

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    • I’ve been thinking the same too. Maybe 2021 NYCM will be my last too … unless some significant changes are made. However, NYRR has made some changes, but Rebuild NYRR does not seem to be happy with those changes.

      In the near future, I think that gotta see what Rebuild NYRR’s demands are and what NYRR has done in response to these demands.


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