Random Thoughts Thursday

-Yes, I know today is not Thursday.

-Wasn’t this blog supposed to be about running? It seems like I have been talking about everything except running.

-Did folks log in some miles for Global Running Day?

-Not only does Global Running Day fall on June 2 so does International Sex Workers’ Day.

-While I did not log in any miles for Global Running Day, I did purchase a 3-race pack through Run Rock n Roll. So that counts, right?

-These races (probably half-marathons) are my top picks.

  • Va Beach: I have not run a race in my home state or home city since my high school cross country days back in the late 90s
  • Madrid: I was supposed to run this marathon last year. Wait, I gotta double check to see if my last year’s registration will roll over to this year.
  • San Antonio: I really like this city.
  • New Orleans: I have not returned since graduating college back in ’02.

-Eek! Only 156 days until TCS NYC Marathon; I need to get on my training grind.

TCS NYC Maraton icon

-Some running positivity . . . I guess.

Question of the Day:

Did you celebrate Global Running Day . . . or International Sex Workers Day?

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  1. I didn’t run on Global Running Day and Sex Workers’ Day passed me by! I really wanted to do the Rock’n’Roll marathon in Vegas but I think it runs through the night which is not my strength. Hope you get to do something fun! I have registered for a half-marathon in a localish park for October, which feels exciting yet worrying (doing it with a friend because her kid wants to do it and will outrun her, so I’m there for company!).


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