Random Thursday Thoughts

-I’m not sure why I cannot get out of this pandemic funk because I feel like I’m behind in everything in my life. Ugh, I hate being unable to shake off this feeling.

-Maybe I’m in the place where everyone was last year when the pandemic first hit. Looking back at May 20, I do not think I was not this zestless.

-Something positive, finally. I signed up for my first in-person race, the 40th LGBT Pride Run.

LGBT Pride run sponsored by New York Road Runners and Front Runners NY. #frontrunnersny #lgbt

-The 6K race is scheduled for Jun 26, which just so happens to be the day after my birthday. Yay . . . I think. My last in person race was a half marathon back in March 20, and I added another 4 miles to the half marathon because I was training for Madrid’s Marathon.

-I’ve seen 5K, 10K, 15K, (you get the point) races, but I’ve never seen a 6K. Que interesante.

-I need to get more sleep. Ok, starting this week, I’m setting my bedtime alarm clock for 11 pm. Wait, didn’t I say that I was going to do this a couple of weeks ago.

-Just when I thought I was getting out of my 90 Day Fiance wormhole (and its 3000 spinoffs have left Hulu), I get sucked backed in because of Verizon.

Verizon wireless customers get 6 months of Discovery+ for free!

Verizon customers can sign up for six free months of Discovery+, which is where all of the 90 Finance crap is located.

-The best part of bouldering during your lunch break – less than 10 folks at the bouldering gym.

The number of folks at the Cliffs at Harlem bouldering gym.

-This weekend, I think that I’m going to treat myself to a full-body massage. Actually, I’m going to make the appointment as soon as I finish this draft.

-I want out of the ordinary food for dinner tonight. Maybe something crazy like Ethiopian would tickle my fancy.

-I hope everyone one else is having a better week than I.

Question of the day:

What random thoughts are on your mind?

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  1. Hopefully an in-person race will help pull you out of your funk. I saw that New York City has a vaccine passport and plans on using it for large events. I say if it helps get things back on track, then I’m all for it!

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  2. Sorry about the funk! I’ve been off my game last few weeks so I signed up for some challenges that I now feel obligated to complete. I’m trying yoga this week and have done a class 3 days running. For me getting into something is hard but once I get a few days in it gets easier. All our spring local races are moved to the fall. Cool you have one coming up


  3. I’m still in a funk! Or maybe I’m in one again. Complicated by the fact that I’m injured and can’t run. It’s hard to stay motivated when I’m doing all my PT exercises and not seeing progress. The spring weather really helps though!


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