Random Thoughts Thursday

-Boo. 😦 Yesterday, I had to take a break from my running streak. Hey, I made it 20 days.

-If you imagine that you ran, does that count for a daily run?

-I have valid excuse for missing Wednesday’s run. My fingers, forearms, shoulders, back, bi/triceps, abs, quads, outer hip flexors, and calves were sore from my Monday’s bouldering lesson. Actually, they are a bit sore today.

-I’m losing the battle of the bulge. 😦

-I signed up to take Spanish classes with Easy Español since the hubby is too lazy to teach me. I’m just joking. I think that I’m too embarrassed to speak with him in Español. At some point in this marriage, I would love to communicate with his family – mainly his parents who do not speak English.

-Here’s the thing. Since I minored in Spanish as an undergraduate (chemistry was my 1st minor), did a study abroad program in Ecuador, and have travelled to many countries in Latin America, I have a decent (well . . . so-so) handle of the language. However, I get super nervous when speaking Spanish with people I know, but I do not mind chatting in Spanish with strangers while traveling (e.g. when I was explaining our Electoral College to those Chilean dudes in Panamá). Who cares if I do not know when to use the subjunctive mood, preterite tense, imperfect tense or por/para because I’ll probably never see them again?

-Somewhat funny story. Four years ago, the hubby and I went on a resort vacation in Cancún. One night, we were at one of the resort’s bars and the bartender said to me: Por qué no estás hablando en español/Why aren’t you speaking spanish? The hubby and I were so confused. Turns out, the bartender remembered me from my 1st Cancún trip that I made three years before our trip. My cousin had a destination wedding in Cancún, and my family stayed at the same resort. For the bartender to remember me for three years later must mean that I made either a REALLY good (or bad) impression. I’m gonna go with good one because I’m fun . . . especially once I’ve consumed a few (dozen) frozen cocktails. I chatted with him quite frequently during my 1st trip because it was the one of the indoor bars WITH AC. I spent a lot of time in that bar with my uncle to escape the hot ass Mexican sun.

-Dang, with these long ass thoughts, I should have just made this a blog entry about my Mexican trip.

Question of the day:

-Any tips to avoid late night snaking?

-If you could travel to any Latin American country, which one would you choose? I think I would revisit Panamá, Perú, and Ecuador.

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  1. I’d like to go to Argentina, slightly oddly for a British person perhaps (!) but we saw a lot of it on Ewan McGregor’s “Long Way Up” series and it looked amazing.

    I am OK with making mistakes when speaking Spanish, as I know from knowing a few non-English-first-language people and working with texts written by many more that you can make a lot of mistakes before you are incomprehensible. However, it would be good to be able to practise – not so many Spanish-speakers here and we can’t travel yet!

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      • Ah, well, we’ve accidentally learned US Spanish not Castilian Spanish as we’ve been using an app to do it! (Duolingo). However we have learned the usted/es forms so are OK in a pinch, hopefully. So I suspect we do learn it at school etc. as my dictionary has it, but we’ve managed to miss it!

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      • Previous Spanish professor always told me that there was no need to learn the vosotros forms because we’d more likely come across a person from Latin America (where they don’t use it) than from Spain. Well, it works both ways because my husband who is from Spain learned British English in primary school.

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      • I’m more likely to encounter an actual Spanish person, however, being in the UK with a husband who plans to buy a property in Spain … but I think we’ll do OK just being overly polite or slotting in the vosotros form into our learning when we’re off the app and in classes.


  2. My wife likes to eat dinner at 6:00 PM. Around 6:15 she starts to get huffy!
    I prefer to eat later so that I can avoid the massive 8pm snack.
    I’d like to go to visit Costa Rica. I was there for the day as part of a cruise and I think a week or two there would be fun.
    As far as speaking Spanish poorly, I wouldn’t worry too much. I always think of foreigners who try to speak English.
    I don’t mind that they use the wrong tense, noun or some crazy expression. They are trying and that’s what’s important.

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    • I definately would not mind revisiting Costa Rica . . . third time is the charm, right? It’s such a small country so you will definitely need at least one week to enjoy all of what it offers.


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