Just Truckin’ Along

With the exception of a couple of rainy days, last week’s running was quite enjoyable. Although Sunday was quite nasty, I powered through and continued on with my run streak . . . I guess.

What blast from the past. I’ve had this poncho since 2000 or 2001 (during my undergrad years in New Orleans). Having a decent poncho is a necessity in New Orleans because there is always an unexpected rain shower . . . all the damn time.

I’m getting a bit frustrated that I am not seeing any major improvements in my speed or endurance. I guess that I just have to keep truckin’ along and realize that Rome was not built in a day.

Running Group:

Run and Chug running group in New York City

Last week, I met up with a new running group, Run & Chug. The concept of the group is pretty easy – you run a few miles and have a couple of beers after the run. My kind of group ;). I will say that I found the group to be very friendly and receptive . . . even though I was late for the run. Regarding my tardiness, the group’s email mentioned that we would meet in Columbus Circle in front of the statue. I took that to mean meet in front of the Christopher Columbus statue not in front of the Maine Monument at the bottom of Central Park. Although the later makes more sense. After that slight mishap, I managed to find the group after everyone went out for the run. No worries, I did a solo run and met up with the group and had a couple of beers in the park. We stayed shooting the sh*t for about a couple of hours after the run. Very nice people

Kwame Osei-Sarfo, Ph.D. waiting for his running group in Columbus Circle (NYC)
Where is my running group?!!!

Unfortunately, I do not have a pic of me having a beer because my eyes were closed in the one picture that was snapped.

I definitely look forward to future runs with the group. The only problem is the group runs in different parts of the NYC, which is great. However, most of the runs are WAAAAY downtown. I lucked out with last week’s run because we meet at the bottom of Central Park, which is about a 30 min subway ride. Maybe for future runs that are further downtown, I can go arrive to work early so I can leave early and have enough time to commute to the downtown runs. We shall see what happens.

NYCRUNS Challenge:

I totally forgot that I signed up for the 2021 NYCRUNS Challenge as a 2021 resolution. The plan was to run 2021 miles during this year. What the hell was I thinking?

Update for NYCRuns 2021 Challenge

Actually, I thought the challenge would not be too difficult because running 2021 miles in 365 days is about 5.5 miles per day. As of yesterday, I’m at 238.6 miles; however, at Day #103, I’m supposed to be at 570.3 miles. Perhaps, it’s better that I try to aim for 1,010.5 miles (half the original distance) for 2021.

Daily Runs:

I think that I’m getting into some sort of rhythm with my daily runs. Since the weather is still pretty nice (50sF – 60sF), it has been nice to fit in lunch-time runs to help release the stress of the workday.

The serenity stroll in Morningside Park (New York, NY)

Ha! I totally forgot about this huge ass climb during one of my lunch runs. However, they say no pain, no gain.

High elevation

We’re gonna pump you up:

On the gym side of things, I have made it to the gym FOUR times last week. Yay me! My raggedy gym has slowly started in-person classes, and I hope that I can sign up for at least one. Actually, maybe that’s not a great idea because I have to change masks about three times while running on a treadmill. I do not want to image how many masks I’ll need to bring to a Zumba or a spin class.

Plans for the week:

-Complete my first indoor bouldering/rock-climb training. The other day, I checked out Harlem Cliffs, a local rock climbing (technically bouldering) place, and it has a pretty inviting deal. Harlem residents are eligible for a $49 package, which includes two intro classes, 30 days of membership, and free rental shoes. After the 30 days, I can upgrade to the regular membership for $89, and the $100 initiation fee will be waived.

-Start packing my workout clothes before going to sleep. I realize that I spend so much time during the morning gathering all of my crap.

Question of the day:

How long do you stretch after your runs/workouts?

Social media plug:

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  1. You’re getting into a good routine here! I think I’m trying for 2021 km this year, which might be doable – it’s 1,255 miles and I did 1,152 miles last year and am 64 miles ahead of last year right now … I don’t bother with rainwear here unless it’s really pouring as it does tend to rain a lot anyway!

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  2. Great work! That rock climbing sounds like a good deal. After a run usually stretch for a few minutes mostly my quads, hips and calves. I try to always foam roll later before bed and that’s about 10 mins so I would say 15-20 mins total post run stretching.


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